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Submission Policy

On Submission to your information and pictures to Unleashed Beasts, you are agreeing that all the information can be added to Unleashed Beasts website or used for Unleashed Beasts.

On submission to Unleashed Beasts you are also agreeing that all the information you have given is true and that the picture/s you might have also submitted are yours to use, this means that Unleashed Beasts can not be liable in anyway for using the picture provided.

When you submit your picture/s to Unleashed Beasts you are giving Unleashed Beasts permission to use you’re pictures for the Unleashed Beasts website and anything to do with Unleashed Beasts, please note we do not sell your pictures or your information in anyway.

All content you provide to us on submission must be unique content, this is checked on moderating of your submission and if found to be not unique then will not be excepted, we are also given the right to edit any submission we find fit and hold the right to allow or not to allow any submission to unleashed beasts in doing so dont need to give any reason for these actions.

Please make sure that all pictures are of a good quality and not to dark, try to add only pictures that look professional, this will help us and also give your self better credit.

Thank you

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