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Professional Writers

Here are Unleashed Beasts professional writers:


Melih F. Cologlu

Bio: My name is Melih F. Cologlu   and I am the co-owner of NLF personal training and  a competitive Men’s Physique Athlete.
I have always been involved in sports from a young age with dreams of Competing in NCAA division 1 level in water polo and swimming.  I did accomplish this representing USC South Carolina.  However even while I was training for these sports I mostly enjoyed the Weight Lifting part of the training program.   I was runner up in 50 yards free in NCAA DIVISION 1 NEC. After college I knew the Fitness industry was for me.  Shortly after I met my beautiful wife, we started our private personal training business in South Florida.   For the past several years we have been building a good clientele and finally I have been able to get into competing the past 2 years.  In March I competed at the Natural Eastern USA Men’s Physique competition and won the overall title. I am also a sponsored athlete by Grenade Thermo Detonator.  I have been writing training and nutrition articles based on clinical research and personal experience for popular websites and try to bring the latest information to help people achieve personal fitness goals.

Photography credits to:  Ama Photography/ Anna Alderton

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