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Pro Grips – Product Review

Thoughts: Gloves are a thing of the past, with these means no more smelly gloves in the gym, as we all know gloves can really smell and I know I have seen people sorry I meant to say I have smelt people that wear gloves in the gym!! Not with these, these things are just so clever and simple I wish I had thought of it! I like these so much I have asked can I sell them where I live for my area, check out below all of what I think about this clever product.

Also I forgot to take my Pro Grips to the gym on one of my arm workouts, I found out just how much they help after I earned my self a very big deep blister on my hand, this was after doing 400 reps on the DPT Kris Gethin Program, never never ever again I will tell you that!

Pro Grips Says:

Pro Grips were designed to give you maximum grip without the bulkiness of standard gym gloves. Pro Grips are made from industry standard cowhide leather and are coated in a special high grip resin to ensure you get the best grip possible. Prevent calluses, eliminate sweat build up & maintain a high grip.

Weight: These are really light, nothing bulky on them and they fit great in the pocket when they are not being used, I have placed gloves in my pocked in the gym in the past when I used to use them, but it started getting on my nerves so I gave up and stopped using them, well that was one of the main reasons for me not using gloves anymore, but Pro Grips sit so flat in your pocket you dont even know they are there, in fact I have put them in the wash after forgetting they were in my pocket, and that gave them the wash test, they washed well even though they didn’t need washing.

Durability: Well I have been using these allot and so far I haven’t had a problem or any wear, they are made of leather (not fake leather) and the ones I have been testing are made with standard stitching, but apparently they now make them with Kevlar stitching to make them even better.

Look / Colour Choice: I received two styles a black pair (this was an extra test pair called “Ease” they are doing a test trial on I will talk more on that soon) I also got a standard pair that are yellow, you can see in the pictures that they are a good style and to be honest unless your waving them around they cant really be seen when holding a dumbbell or something like this, the black straps get seen and the colour bit grips around the item your holding, they do lots of colours like the following: Black, Gray, Pink, Yellow, Red and Blue they did do a “Limited Edition UNION JACK ” style for the UK Olympics so you can really go all out with what you fancy. What is really good and I like allot, is if you own a gym or business you can order some with your logo added! and that a nice little idea as these are defiantly something I would sell in my gym (if I owned a gym lol)

 Texture: They have a great grip material and its still smooth, there isn’t much I can say about the texture but just that they feel good on the hands.


Price: At just £9,99 per pair you really cant go wrong, I cant see me needing another pair for a long long time, in fact I bet the length of time I’ve been using these Pro Grips a pair of gloves would be starting to be worn out, and if not they would stink of s@#t .

Extra Notes: I used two kinds like I talked about before, the other kind was a test style called “Ease” these were for the bigger hand as they were slightly larger, these I liked as I could slide my hand in the strap a little faster, but I found they started to become more out of precision when I was in the middle of a set of reps, so in all I think for the sake of it taking a little longer to place your fingers in separate little slots for your fingers, its worth it for the over all performance of the product, you should be able to see the way the fingers go in the pro grips below to understand what I mean.

As you can see on the star system I gave it 5/5 for everything and this is so true as I really couldn’t fault it, they help allot with grip, they dont smell, they wash easy, they look good, they are easy to carry and they last for a long time.

Site: http://progrips.co.uk

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