Sep 26

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ON Amino Chewables – Review

Directions: For an amino acid boost, take 2 pieces ether before or after training, between meals, or before bed.

A little amino acid support throughout the day can go a long way toward achieving sizable goals – especially when there’s only 10 calories involved. Amino Chewables are packed with micronized free-form amino acids including the BCAAs that are absorbed directly into muscle tissue. Because these sugar free treats fit easily in a pocket or purse, you can pop them in your mouth anytime, anywhere!

  • 1,000 mg Free-Form Amino Acids
  • Essential Amino Acids Including the BCAAs
  • Micronized for Fast Delivery
  • Sugar Free & Just 10 Calories Per Serving

Flavors Tried: WILD BERRY (Naturally Flavored)

Nutrition Facts: These on the right are the facts to what I tried.

First thoughts: Unlike the Amino energy these do not contain caffeine so that’s great for me as I am not great with caffeine, I like the idea that you can just chew these any time and anywhere.

Appearance: The pieces are a nice size and look like sweets or candy.

Taste: Now this is something, they are really fruity and once you bite into one its bursting with flavor, also a little tangy but not to tangy, so I love them.

Smell: The smell is very fruity, nice and sweet.

Texture:I thought these were going to taste chalky after looking at the product its self, but when I put them in my mouth I was very surprised, I bit into it and it didn’t feel chalky in anyway it just sort of melted in my mouth.

Pros: Very low in calories, at only 10 calories per serving (two pieces) its a great supplement to have, its also very tasty, if ON made candy they could open a very successful sweet shop!

Cons: Couldn’t find any, So that’s a bonus. :)

Product Link: Optimum Nutrition Amino Chewables

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