Sep 20

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ON – Shaker Cup Review

ON Words:

Shake, Shake, Shake…Shake Your Protein. With our exclusive ON shaker cups, mixing-up even the largest and thickest protein or meal replacement shake is a snap. Each shaker cup has an Extra-Large 32 fl oz capacity and a 3 ¼” opening at the top that makes adding full-size ice cubes a simple proposition. We’ve also spec’d a beefy, deep-skirt cap that screws down tight to prevent leaking and a tapered bottom that fits into most automobile cup holders. And, unlike cheap knock-offs, this shaker is solid enough to survive dozens of cleanings…even in the dishwasher (top rack only). Last, but certainly not least, we’re proud to say that our shaker is made in the USA.

First thoughts:

At first I thought this looks big for a shaker cup, but then I realised it can hold a good amount of fluid, the indents just under the cap make a great grip idea, the plastic seems like a great quality and a strong one.


The looks of this shaker to me looks great and different from the others on the market, the logo stands out well and is also in a good place below the grip section.


Overall this makes a great shaker, after using it at the gym, home and out and about I haven’t had any problems with it leaking like I have had in the past with other shaker cups on the market, the neck is a nice to drink from and it pours well, the shaker is easy to hold while running on a treadmill or riding a exercise bike, for washing the shaker is really easy to wash and the plastic doesn’t hold any smell like some shakers do on the market.


Their doesn’t seem to be any cons really for this, apart from the fact that the cap that clicks on the pouring spout clicks off the top cap for easy cleaning and I found this to come of easily while drinking it if you knocked it, but this could have been me as I did get used to it after a day or so and dont knock it off any more.

Product Link: Optimum Nutrition Shaker Cup

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