Feb 09

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Musclebasix Recoverade – Product Review

MuscleBasix Says:
Recoverade contains a clinically-researched formula that’s proven to quickly restore the essential nutrients your body needs to fully recover after intense training and contains ZERO SUGAR.

Quickly replenishes glycogen, amino acids and electrolytes
Clinically researched formula
Contains the scientifically advanced, patent-pending carbohydrate source Karbo-Lyn®1

The most important time of any athlete’s day is the time immediately following an intense training session. Post-workout, your muscles crave nutrients vital for replenishing what was lost during the workout.

Without these supplying the nutrients your body needs, you are wasting your workout and, in turn, all the time, effort and money you put into it. ( To much to copy here, so read more here)

Directions:Mix 1-2 servings with 12-18oz of water immediately after your workout

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Nutrition Facts:These are fully correct on the right hand side in the image.

Flavors Tried: Grape Berry.

First thoughts: Mixes well, nice smelling and great idea of a supplement.

Appearance: Great in color and mixes very well making a consistency of water.

Taste: I have never tasted a drink of “grape berry” so this is my first time, and I have to say its a really nice taste, I cant really compare to any other flavour drinks I have had in the past but it is definitely a great drink for tasting after a workout.

Smell: Like the taste I haven’t smelt anything like this before but I can say its a good smell and would relate the smell to fruit :)

Texture: The texture of this supplement when mixed is just like water.

Pros: This supplement is backed up by tests etc. (read this here) and I have to say even though you need to take other things into account like what food I have eaten and rest taken, but I did feel like I didn’t get as much DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and this next bit I have to say in red  Musclebasix offers a 90-day guarantee on there products that’s just crazy but great Cant see anyone needing that though.

Cons: contains ZERO SUGAR and I do have sugar after my workout, but hay not all bad  as I can have it in something else.

Product Link: http://www.musclebasix.com/products/supplements/recoverade2/

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