Apr 11

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JBT Labs ANABOLIC FX – Product Review

JBT Labs Says: To be honest there is allot of information on this product so I will link you to the pages

lots of information on this page: http://www.jbtlabs.com/anabolic_benefits.html

and more here http://www.jbtlabs.com/pre_workout_supplement.html

Directions: Mix one to two scoops in 8-10 ounces of water.
Nutrition Facts: These are correct on the right have side, click to enlarge.

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Flavors Tried: Doesn’t say a flavor on the product but its a nice fruity taste.

First thoughts: Nice color and smell, the product also mixes well and is very low in calories.

Appearance: Fruity color when mixed.

Taste: Very fruity like punch flavour and very nice.

Smell: Smells great like a fruit smell.

Texture: just like drinking water as it mixes well.

Pros: A great workout drink and makes you feel really good, I did a great workout while I was using this, and had lots of great energy, I felt invincible also like nothing could touch me, I also got some nice tingling in my arms and hands, I have been told this was the beta alanine, I wanted more for every workout after. After later in the day I didn’t get any nasty crash on this also, this is always a good thing. This is also the new formula and I tried the older one as well, that was good but compared to this it didn’t touch it as this is great.

Cons: I couldn’t find any really, apart from the fact I wanted more, also some more flavors would be good so I could buy a good selection of these :D

Product Link: http://www.jbtlabs.com/pre_workout_supplement.html


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