Jan 18

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JBT Labs Amino Influx – Product Review

JBT Labs Says: To be honest there is allot of information on this product so I will link you to the pages



And they also have a video, I have placed this at the bottom of the review

Directions: Mix 2 rounded Scoops (44g) with 4-6oz of water, milk or your favorite beverage.

Nutrition Facts: I have added the picture of these to the right, please click the image to enlarge, thank you.

Flavors Tried: Chocolate.

First thoughts: Great looking, smells nice and thick shake.

Appearance:When you make the shake it goes very thick and I love this, in fact it has to be the thickest shake I have made on the market for protein shakes to this date, I love thick shakes and this is just the best.

Click Image to enlarge

Taste: A very creamy chocolate taste with milk and even with water, very nice.

Smell: Smells like a lovely rich chocolate smell and nice.

Texture: As I said up there its a great thick shake and very smooth.

Pros: Easy to mix, great tasting and smells great, lots of great nutrients in this products, along with a nice amount of fibre, also a nice low calorie count of 200.

Cons: The supplement facts list is long and contains allot of information, this was a little mind blowing but nothing to bad.

Product Link:http://www.jbtlabs.com/chocolate_protein_supplement.html


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