Aug 17

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Good Hemp Nutrition Fit Shake – Review

This is a full NEW product review on Hemp Nutrition Fit Shake (Our old one here: http://www.unleashedbeasts.com/product-reviews/good-fit-shake-hemp-protein-review/ )
What’s New? They have added “Stivia” for a better taste! click here to see nutrition fact
Good Says: FIT Shake has only 107 calories per serving and will help you to feel fuller for longer. With Green Tea & Stevia. A complete balanced and natural plant-based protein made from 100% natural ingredients to aid weight loss, body sculpting and wellbeing.

Taste: 4/5 is the rating I have given this and thinking back I would have given it a 3 last time if I was doing a rating system then, the reason for this is that they have done very well and have made the taste allot better, it now has a nice sweet taste to it and goes down very well.

Smell: 3/5 A very nice Strawberry smell and its a good one, you smell some of the hemp but its not a bad smell.

Looks: 2/5 its green, now I said this in the last review, its going to be green and I wouldn’t expect anything more as its a 100% Natural product, else they would fill it full of colourings and that would be just daft, so its a good thing its green, but can be a little off putting to people.

Texture:  5/5 The texture of this product is spot on its like drinking the same consistency as water ie. smooth, but its thicker like good shakes should be (pun not intended), the protein powder mixes really well and very fast, leaving no bits that haven’t mixed or anything like this, so I had to give it 5 as it deserves the score.

Price:4/5 at £16.99 for 500g tub, this size tub gives 16 servings, at a cost of £1.06p I my self think this is a good price with the amount of nutrition your getting for a full natural product.

Link: http://www.goodhempnutrition.com/good-hemp-nutrition-range/83-good-fit-shake.html

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