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Explicit Nutrition TestoTurbo Testosterone Booster – Review


About: Testosterone is something your body produces that is used to help build muscle in a massive way (it is used for other things also but I am not interested in that lol) testosterone boosters are big on the supplement market at the moment and only getting bigger and bigger. I was approached by a company called Explicit Nutrition to test out there new testosterone booster called “TestoTurbo”

Explicit Nutrition Says: No more pussy-footing around with flimsy formulas! TestoTurbo is the world’s first and only all-natural testosterone-boosting supplement with 19 ingredients—each backed by scientific research in human trials. = Read more here

Directions to Use: Take 5 capsules in the morning before breakfast with a glass of water (very simple, we will talk more about this below)

testoturbo3_1024x1024Taste: 5/5 Well these are capsule style tablets, so you dont taste a thing and that’s good as 5 capsules are needed to be taken.

Smell: 4/5 I know you might think why would these smell, but yes I have taken tablets in the past that smell very bad, but these dont smell bad, you have to put your nose right in the bottle to get the smell from them and there is a slight smell but it isn’t anything strong or bad.

Ease Of Use: 4/5 Like I said up there you take just 5 tablets in the morning before breakfast with water, this does feel like allot of tablets to take for just one product, but it wasn’t hard or time consuming, the capsules are the big but I have taken bigger tablets in the past.

Texture: 5/5 As we all know some tablets can be hard to take due to them not being a good shape or texture, these are a nice smooth texture capsule and slide down nice and easy.

Price: 5/5 You pay $59.99 and get a big bottle of 150 capsules, you have to take 5 a day so they last for 30 days and with a cost of just over $1.99 per serving daily, this I think is good and you will see why below, please read on.

Lets Get To The Point:

I was a little unsure about taking something like this as people say bad things about testosterone boosters, BUT then some say good things, and that’s when I thought, if these were bad then they would be band and wouldn’t be able to be sold (well legally).

The Breakdown

This product contains  a number of items, you can read fully the amounts on the supplement facts sheet to the right  (please click to enlarge the image):

Click To Enlarge

So what does all this do? well I thought I would have a good look into what these things do by reading what I can find on the internet, (remember these do other things also but I am looking to see what they do to your testosterone levels) well it was easy to see that they all raise testosterone levels after searching google for the name of the item (like for eg. Vitamin D3 and testosterone) I came up with scientific reports telling me what and why these increase testosterone levels, I was going to write down the reason for each item here, but there really isn’t much point as its all online in detailed reports so I would just be copying other websites, I must say it goes to show these guys at Explicit Nutrition have really put thought into this product.

Is TestoTurbo a steroid?

This was something I have been asked while I have been using it, as people that dont know about testosterone boosters think these things are steroids, all I can say is that its NOT a drug it only contains herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, these are things that you CAN get from day to day living within foods and other sources of supplements etc. this product helps you release / increase natural testosterone within the body, they dont put any extra testosterone into your body in anyway!

How Did I Feel

I started taking the product on the 7 September 2012, that very same day, I started to feel like my libido was increasing, and seemed to stay up everyday I was taking it, I started to find my mood was getting better also, in fact I felt great with lots more energy in the gym and day to day, even though I am dieting and we all know what mood swings can be like when dieting.

I found that I gained some strength with my overall lifts in the gym going up, even though I am in the middle of my 90 day challenge and loosing weight, I also have gained some muscle according to all the information I collect every week for my challenge. I did find that I gained some acne but nothing that was worrying.

After Using

Its been around 4 days since I stopped using the product and I feel fine, I dont feel down or have any problems, this was one thing I was worried about, as like they say “with the ups, you have downs” so I thought with feeling so good using it I would feel low as my testosterone levels dropped, but I dont so that’s great.

Website: http://www.explicitnutrition.com/




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