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Daionic Pro Nutrition Shake – Product Review

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Daionic-choc-strawDaionic Says:
Made from Organic Milk
No Aspartame
High BCAA Content
3.7g Leucine per bottle for Muscle Protein Synthesis
Timed Release protein
Low Glycaemic Carbohydrates
No Added Sugar

Refuel and Recover
Daionic is the result of an exciting partnership between Pro Athlete Daionic Drink PicSupplementation and pioneering organic dairy company Trioni

Average nutritional values per 330ml
Energy: 247 kcal / 1059 kJ
Protein: 36.3g Fat: 4.9g – ?of which are saturated: 2.9g
Carbohydrates: 15.2g – of which are sugars: 15.2g
Sodium: 0.13g
Calcium: 640mg

Strawberry: organic semi-skimmed milk, whey protein, milk protein, flavouring, stabilizer: carrageenan, sweetener: sucralose, colouring: carmine.
Chocolate: organic semi-skimmed milk, whey protein, milk protein, low fat cocoa powder, stabilizer: carrageenan, sweetener: sucralose.

Taste: 5/5 I really liked the taste of the Daionic protein shakes, I liked the Chocolate more than the Strawberry but this is more to do with the fact I would pick chocolate over strawberry any day, I must say though even though I am not a strawberry flavour fan I still really liked the taste of the strawberry one, there was no nasty after taste of bad taste surprises, I find you do get that with some of these bottled ready made proteins but NOT with Daionic Protein, I wanted lots more after drinking the drink so be careful if you’re trying to keep control of your diet, chocolate flavour was bang on with taste, so not to dark or milky, and with the strawberry I didn’t get any bitter or tangy taste.

Smell: 4/5 the smell was good and you had to get your nose right in the bottle to get a good smell of the product, no bad smell surprises!

Look: 5/5 the bottle packaging looks great and very inviting, the content also looked bang on, it looked like they Daionic Pro Nutrition Shakeshould look, chocolate like chocolate and straw…… well you get me on what I mean!

Texture: 5/5 WOW if I could give it more I would, CREAMY as they come and lovely and thick I love a thick protein shake and Daionic gets this spot on, the shake is smooth as they come and with them being in the fridge they are a great refreshing shake and so moorish I could live on them

Price: 3/5 Not going to lie it’s a little high at £2.99 each or £21.98 for a case of 8 (working out at £2.74 each) BUT if you register with the site to do a order then they say “Register an account today and receive a 33% discount on all products (except Gatorade)” so with P+P it comes to a total of just £19.73 so that’s £2.46 each bottle, not as bad as the first price but for some this can still be high, if you look around though at prices or the competitive market you will find this is quite a low price to what the others try and sell similar products, so for convenience if you’re a busy person then this is the product for you

Product Link:

Direct site: http://daionic.com/
To Buy Product: http://www.pasonline.co.uk/otherproducts/daionic-pro-nutrition-shake

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