Oct 26

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Sportex Festival 2012 – Lots of Pics

SportEx 2012

SportEx was where they held the events UKBFF British Championships and the IFBB British Grand Prix this was held in the UK in Manchester, mostly all the following images where taken by my son Alfie, he is 7 years old and loved the day, so to start this all off I am going to start with the pictures of Alfie to give him the credit: (all images below can be clicked to see the bigger version)


Kris Gethin Signing Alfie a T-Shirt

Kris Gethin Signing Alfie a T-Shirt

Alfie Grabbed a Pic Of Kris Gethin Eating, Good Sport Kris

The Saturday DTP training with Kris Gethin

Poor guy, they both were working very hard and it was a great bit of the show to see, looking at the pictures you can feel the pain for them. Kirk Miller was explaining what they were doing also.

Emma Brace Does The New DTP Blast n Burn Circuit Class

With Emma Brace, Kirk Miller, Jamie Alderton and Marika Johansson.


Next Is All Misc

Kirk Miller, You can check his interview out here

Jamie Alderton, Interview coming soon.

Jamie Alderton in front of the Grenade sign

Mutant Martin Kjellstrom

Me doing the Mutant Challenge with Klaus Riss pushing me on (only did 1:12)

Emma Brace, Interview coming soon


Kirk, Jamie and James + others.

Martin Stevenson + Chris Smith

Name Drop Time

LOL yes that’s right its now me, me, and me with great people!

Me and Jamie Alderton

Me and Toney Freeman, Interview coming soon

Me and Cecil Croasdaile (not the best of pics, Alfie didn’t take this a lady did)

Me and Joe Binley

Martin Stevenson Me and Chris Smith

Mutant Martin Kjellstrom and Me

Emma Brace and Me

Me and Marika Johansson

Me and Kirk Miller

Kirk Miller, Me and Emma Brace

Kris Gethin and Me

Notes: SportEx was a great day and cant wait to go to the next one, I met some great people and have lots of interview coming soon with some great people, also I met lots of companies and have been chatting about working with them, so hopefully we will have some more great product reviews coming soon!

oh and to add to it I won Protein Discount Cards Raffle (not a clue what I won but I won lol)

Thanks for reading and checking out our pics, please share.

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