Nov 01

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Hemp Protein and Apple Banana Smoothie

Food I used:

Banana 120g
Apple 90g
Frozen Yoghurt 200g
Milk Full Fat (you can use low fat if you wish) 300ml
Hemp Protein 1 scoop (unflavoured I used http://www.hempnatural.com/Hemp-Protein-Powder-Natural-500g.php)
Lots of Ice cubes

Put all in a blender and blend till smooth, pour in a glass and drink

This is a great high in fibre drink, its high in carbs also, but I feel you could play around with the items you put in like low fat milk instead of high fat and lower the calorie outcome, and could be used when cutting and bulking up really!

Fats: 17.1g
Carbohydrates: 70.1g
Protein: 35.4g
Fibre: 10.9g
Calories: 583

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