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My Journey The Start


This is old now and while its still worth a read to find out what happened it wasn’t completed, but I went on to do the 90 day challenge click here to read that

So this is how I am starting, what I look like, my sizes and my weight also what I plan to be doing exercise wise and eating in calories. Remember I am after loosing my body fat and keeping as much muscle as I possibly can, I also want to look healthy at the end and stay lean, meaning not pile all my fat back on.

When I started:

To get more of a story on this please check out the about us page on that page it tells you about my car crash and my problems, I piled on quite a bit of weight due to medication and not doing much, this took my weight well over the 200+lb and I quit smoking in 2009 then started running on the running machine this when I started to loose weight and I got my self down to around 155lb I wish now I had took lots of pictures of before and after, below is my pictures the one on the left is the low weight (still no abs :( ) and the one one the right is now, I have put allot of body fat back on but not anywhere near what I was before I started:

I could have done allot better on the muscle gain and feel really gutted on the slow gains but will be working hard on that next, below I will show sizes before (after first fat loss) and now.

Sizes, weight and height:

Wrist was = 6.25 now = 6.25
Fore arm was = 11 now = 12
Biceps was = 12 now = 15
Shoulders was = 46 now = 49
Chest was = 36.5 now = 40
Waste was = 30.5 now = 36
Hips was = 32 now = 35
Butt was = 35.5 now = 39.5
Thigh was = n/a now = 21.5
Calves was = n/a now = 14.5
Neck was = 15 now = 15.5

BF% was = N/A Now = 19% (how correct this is I dont know, I used callipers and a website and this is what I kept getting) Before I started everything thing I remember trying to test my self and was well in the 30%+ easy

Weight now =184.2lb (this will be noted on the first Monday and every Monday after)

Height = 5′ 9″ (dont think this will be changing lol wish it would but hay teaches me for smoking and stumping my growth lol)

here is another picture from the side relaxed, I get loads of bloat but hope this will go, also I have bad posture and this I also hope to fix in these weeks:

Yeah to my mates laugh away :)

What Do I plan:

For as long as it takes but as quick as I can I plan to loose lots of body fat and become ripped also hoping to keep my arm size and other body parts size (as little as that is), I am planning on doing this the way I have done before, this is lots of hard work that includes 5 days a week at the gym this is around 1 1/2 hours a day in the gym very morning, then extreme cardio at home in the afternoon for this cardio I will be doing (wait for it lol) …… the Beachbody Insanity Workout Series off the P90X Xtreme Workout Series lol yeah I know that allot of people think what a joke that program is, BUT I have tried 3 weeks of this along with also doing the 5 days in the gym it was working well for me and I seen a number of inches drop of my waste, the only thing at the time I didn’t eat as good as I could and gave it all up to easy, this time I am not going to give it up, I am finally getting that six pack!

Starting on Monday I will update with a new page and update that page as much through the week if I have things to write, then the same the following week on a new page.

Calories I will be consuming:

As I will be doing allot of exercise I have been doing the maths and think I would see what happens the first week at 2500 calories a day, this will be mainly carbs in the morning and good fats throughout the day along with high protein, I will talk more on what I am eating next week.

If you have any thoughts please give me a shout here


This is old now and while its still worth a read to find out what happened it wasn’t completed, but I went on to do the 90 day challenge click here to read that

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