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Get Ripped

After my 90 day challenge here this is the next part of my transformation, where I plan on getting ripped, I will start by saying, “yes I know I dont have massive amount of muscle but I do have some” I plan on dropping my bodyfat to show my abs (Six Pack) I have set my self 90 days starting today 5th November 2012, but think I could do it in less time if I work hard.

The pictures to the right hand side are where I am now on looks, I will add the stats of me below:

Weight: 176.2lb
BF% (Body Fat):13.80%
Wrist = 6.5″
Forearm = 11.75″
Biceps = 15.25″
Shoulders = 49″
Chest = 40″
Waist = 33.75″
Hips = 33.75″
Bum = 38.25″
Thigh = 23.5″
Calves = 14.75″
Neck = 15.5″



Start 5th Nov 2012

End February 3, 2013

Day 7
Weight: 174.6lb (Down :) )
BF% (Body Fat):13.21% (Down)




Notes: Doing well still, and feeling great :D


Day 14
Weight: 175.8lb (up not good but look at my bf% so it is good )
BF% (Body Fat):12.61% (Down)


Notes: A panic when I seen the scales, but over the moon when I see all the measurements, as my LBM when up, I know mainly water but its better than fat lol






Day 21
Weight: 174.6lb (Down :) )
BF% (Body Fat):11.40% (Down)


Notes: not doing to bad, lot a little more fat off the abdominal area but getting worried that my abs are still not showing






Day 28
Weight: 174lb (Down :) )
BF% (Body Fat):10.80% (Down)

Notes: I couldn’t get anyone to take the picture this week sorry :(

Day 25


Weight: 172.8lb (Down )
BF% (Body Fat):10.18% (Down)


Notes: everything seems to be going down so I am just keeping going, I have seen an increase of my LBM these last few weeks also and I am happy about that :D






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