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How long will it take for my interview to be added?

Once you have submitted your interview via the interview page, if you have followed all the rules on the submission policy page, your page should be added within 24hours.

Can females do the interview?

Yes this site is for both male and female so get submitting and if you have what it takes to get in you will be added :) good luck.

How will I know if my interview was accepted?

You should receive an email to the email address that you added when filling out the fields on the interview page, but sometimes the emails dont allways get seen or sometimes go in your spam folder, so you should check back in about 24 hours.

Why wasn’t my interview excepted?

There could have been a number of reasons, please make sure you have read the submission policy page and try again.

What is different about this site to others?

Unleashed Beasts allows anyone that has a good physique to submit to our interview page about them self, and if they follow our rules on the submission policy page, then they will be added to our website for free. Other websites ask only people they would like on there website and we find that this shouldn't be the case, so Unleashed Beasts gives everybody a chance.

Is this website free to use?

Yes, Unleashed Beasts is free to use and submit to, you also can add your links without any cost.

How many pictures should I add?

This is up to you, we like you to add know less than 3 good pictures, but if you can fill all the picture space's up on the interview page, then this is great and will help with you getting excepted.

What kind of pictures should I add?

This is up to you, (we dont except nudes) and find its best for you to upload pictures that you have had done of your best body parts and poses, show off what you have worked hard at.

How can I update my interview page?

You cant, if you have something you want to change the best way to do it is by adding the following tags to the "name" field on the interview page, tags are: [UPDATE DUE TO ERROR] or [UPDATED] (note the name needs to be the same as the old interview, link can be added if needed) the last tag is just one to use if it was months back when you first submitted your old interview, with that tag we will keep the old interview still online, the other tag we will swap for the updated correct version.

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