Apr 12

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Walter Simonini – Strive For Progress

Age: 44
Weight: 86/94 kg decent condition
Height: 173 cm
Calves size: must be a good 50 cm, ripped.

Workout Routine:

Always changing


Same as above, but I eat smart all the time.

When and why did you get started?

I restarted in April 2009, after 17 years lay off, virtually.

Will you always strive to get stronger or at some point just try to maintain?

I do  most of the time, but sometime just maintain, or lose some strength, even.

What would be your biggest dream to be able to achieve?

My pet dream is to participate to the Mr Universe NABBA, over 50 class.

Do you ever struggle to stick to your diet and eat lots of junk food?

Hardly ever.. even when not training for 17 years, my diet was clean most of the time. I was around 72kg lean, most of the time.

Allot of us out there love a good drink of alcohol from time to time, do you ever drink, if so how often?

I do not drink often.

I used to indulge more on cannabis (legally done, of course)

If you could pick only one supplement what would it be? (Not protein as you can get that from foods easily)

I really would keep whey protein to supplement my intake, as the only one needed. I do use other supplements from time to time, but do not consider them necessary

Your favourite food?

Real food, that I need to cook myself. I’m partial to beef, but try not overindulge.

If you could pick only 3 different body parts to put on your body from 3 famous people, what would they be?

Levrone delts and tris
Demayo quads

Who do you look up to these days and why?

My aesthetic canons are the same I had in the early 90’s Labrada, Ray, Robby Robinson, Levrone, Wheller… possibly in that order. I consider what I can realistically aim for.

Your favourite quote? Libertas phylosophica

Your top 3 tips to someone that might be just starting out bodybuilding?

Form, patience and inner balance.

What is your favourite motivation online and why?

This video represent the essence of BB, for me

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