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Taniela Lautaha a.k.a Traesthetic

Age: 18
Weight: 176.37lb
Height: 6’0″
Chest Size: 41″
Waist Size: 33″
Quad Size: 23″
Calves Size: 16″
Biceps Size: 15″
Forearms Size: 13″
Max Deadlift: 352.74lb
Max BenchPress: 220.462lb
Max Squat: 308.647lb
How and why did you get started?

Growing up in the beautiful island of Tonga, training for me started at a very young age due to the physical demands of the lifestyle I grew up in. Attending school during week days than on the weekends, it was time to hit the bush Tongan Style which contains hectares of yam, cassava and taro plantations. Not only was the typical Pacific Islander lifestyle physically demanding, I also played rugby and attended a local Martial Arts gym that taught Authentic Thai Boxing. Young and ignorant at the time, I attended the weekly classes just so I can “pick a fight” whenever I wanted. This view on Martial Art changed after a blow to the head with a machete nearly took my life by a “sore loser” who wouldn’t admit to a fair fight. In 2008, I migrated to NZ and took up Capoeira due to the appealing physique the martial artist had and maintained. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2012 that I had my first gym membership at a local gym called Snap Fitness. Not knowing what to do at the gym, I started looking for answers about the basics and “how to’s” on the internet. Luckily I came across a fitness website and my view on Fitness changed ever since then.

The reason behind the quest for a better physique was, I was always insecure about my physical appearances. I originally went into the gym with the mind-set of trying to look good and maybe up my low self esteem but as I progress both physically and mentally, training became more meaningful than just the “looking good” part. Now, I want to pursue a career in the Fitness industry and hopefully attain a BA in Sports and Leisure.

Your Diet:

Im not really on a diet at the moment and this is due to school lifestyle and financial difficulties. I am quite interested in Intermittent Fasting though which will suit my current lifestyle perfectly.

What are your goals:

At the moment, I want to graduate my last year at school and hopefully get into Uni.
My goal is to study Civil Engineering with a Sports and Leisure conjoint. I want to study, attend gym and work full time which is a very difficult way to got at it but I love challenges so that is what I will pursue after my schooling year.

Ultimately I want to retire(from a Civil Engineering Career) at a very young age(preferably before my 40′s) and concentrate purely on training and hopefully be competing in the Fitness/Bodybuilding world.

Your Workout Routine:

My current weekly routine looks a lot like this:

MONDAY – Chest & Tri’s
Bench Press 4sets 10-12reps
Incline DB Bench Press 4sets 10-12 reps
Cable Cross overs 5Pyramid Sets 12 reps
Decline DB Bench Press 4sets 10-12 reps
Machine Hammer Press 2sets 10reps
Cable Push downs 6Pyramid Sets 15slow reps
Smith Machine Bar Push ups 4 sets 15-20reps

Chin Ups 4sets till failure
Cable seated rows 5sets 10-12reps
Deadlifts 2sets 1 rep of PB, 4drop sets 6-8reps
Lat Pulldown 4Pyramid Sets 10-12reps
Cable T-rows 3sets 10reps
Single Arm Cable rows 3sets 10reps

WEDNESDAY – Cardio & Abs
30min jog on treadmill on an incline.
Ab Crunch Machine 4sets 12reps
Leg Raises 4sets 15-20reps
Russian Twist Compound set with 30min Plank 5sets 20reps
Cable Oblique crunch 3sets both side 20reps
10min Bike with 30sec interval sprints

THURSDAY – Shoulders & Bi’s
Seated Military DB Press 4sets 10-12reps
DB Front Raise 4sets 10reps
Side Lateral Raise 4sets 10 reps
Bent Over Shoulder Raise 3 sets 10reps
Barbell Standing Military Press 3sets 10reps
EZ Bar Curls 4sets 10reps
Hammer Curls 4sets 10reps
Seated Machine Curls 3Pyramid sets 10reps
Cable Superman 3sets 10reps

Seated Leg Press Superset with Calf extension 4 sets 12 reps
Leg Extensions 4sets 12 reps
Squats 4sets 10reps
Leg Curls 3sets 10-15reps
Smith Machine Calve Raises 4sets 12-15reps
DB Lunges 3sets both side 10-12reps

SATURDAY & SUNDAY – Rest Days(Cardio)


Ever since I’ve started the gym, I haven’t been on any steady supplements meaning I have not had the finance to afford supplements. I occasionally get samples of Pre-workouts and Protein Servings but I have not had any supplement consumption that is over a month.

Website: http://www.facebook.com/zevn8

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