Jun 07

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Sam Mansour – Working hard Pays Off


Sam Won Fan Of The Month for November 2011, well done to Sam who won the following prizes:

From: www.riptclothing.com
A single Gift Voucher worth £20

Age: 27

Started going to the gym on September 2007. I was 280 lbs and doctor told me I was severely overweight. I couldn’t do much but play games and eat tons of food (mostly junk). I was very shy and would never speak to any girls whatsoever. I was stressed out and felt worse day by day. I needed to make a change so I had help from a few good friends and researched a lot about how to lose weight. I have tried tons of diets and they all work to some point. After I started seeing results the gym became part of my lifestyle. Nothing is impossible to achieve. If you put your mind into it anything is possible. I love to visualize a lot, it helps me picture how I want to look like and I do the work necessarily to achieve my goals. There is no end goal :)

Weight: 205lb

Height: 6’0″

Waist Size: 34″

Biceps Size: 18″

Diet: Since I am preparing now for my incoming bodybuilding show on Nov 5th, I got an actual trainer who helps me customize my diet.
Usually what I tell people to do is basically this. Protein is really important and good fats. Carbs are needed for energy but need to limit those. Eat every 3 hrs to speed up your metabolism. Drink a lot of water, cut all junk food out, have one cheat meal a week. Also what I did was cardio on empty stomach in am then weights in pm. I tried burning fat and building muscle. I went from 280 to 186 in 8 months but didn’t look good. Try to have protein in every meal so in all 5-6 meals have some protein. I had carbs in the morning after my cardio then in afternoon after my weight training. Rest of day was protein plus lots of veggies.


Max Deadlift: 530lb

Max BenchPress: 375lb

Max Squat: 425lb


Goals: My goal this year is to add as much lean muscle as I could till mid July then start my cut for my show on Nov 5th. If I enjoy doing the show then I’d consider doing more in future for sure. My ultimate goal though is to make people see that nothing is impossible. You need a lot of dedication and patience then results will follow. I want to inspire as much people as I could. Being on a front cover magazine would be great!

Routine: My current Routine:

I pyramid down and add weight to each set. So I do one warm up set and 4 working sets.

Tuesday-Back/Rear Delts

Add traps twice a week and calves 3 times a week.
Use ab wheel 3 times per week to tighten my core.

Little Extra: Follow your dreams and don’t let obstacles get in your way. Be patient, dedicated then results will follow.

“Obsession is just what lazy people call dedication”

Website: http://www.facebook.com/Sam4ever

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  1. Paul

    Well done man, do you take any supplements?

    1. Sam Mansour

      Yes I take:
      whey, isolate and casein protein shakes.
      Omega 3-6-9 or Omega 3 triple concentration
      1mr before workout
      Allmax BCAA during workout