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Rachel Godwin WBFF Fitness Model

Age: 32
Weight: 122 Stage, 132 off season

Currently I am doing a 5 day split; 2 lower body and 3 upper body with heavier weights and low reps (6-8) and cardio 3 times a week of 45-60 min. 12 weeks out from a show I increase my cardio to 60-90 min 6-7 times a week and up the rep ranges while still trying to keep the weight relatively high.

Allot of other women look up to you, who do you look up to?

I’ve always looked up to my Mom. No matter how much she has on her shoulders she is always able to get it all done and still make her family a priority. She has the biggest heart and a wonderful spirit. I admire her passion, dedication and honesty. I also look up to WBFF Diva Fitness Pro Diana Chaloux- LaCert who inspired me to start competing and helped me prepare for my first show.

Your favourite Suggestions for making your food prep QUICK?

Zip Lock Steamer bags and a George Foreman Grill. I couldn’t live without these 2 things. They make food prep quick and easy when I’m in a rush. This might sound crazy or gross but if I’m really in a bind a jar of baby food peas mixed with a package of tuna is a great grab and go meal I’ve used many times.

Do you eat any of what people call junk food? If so how often?

I very rarely eat junk food and I try to eat Clean year round with an occasional cheat here and there during the off season. I gave up Fast Food years ago after watching several documentaries that literally made me sick to my stomach. When you have a specific goal like competing, food becomes fuel and taste isn’t such a big deal.

Do you drink alcohol? If so how often?

I’ve never been a big drinker and I am what people refer to as a “light weight.” Even if I only have one drink I can feel it the next day. Now that I’m competing it doesn’t fit into my life style and I don’t miss it. Not to say that I never have a small glass of red wine now and then on special occasions.

What would an example be of your diet you eat day to day?

Breakfast – egg whites, oatmeal and water
Snack – rice cakes, peanut butter, protein shake with water
Lunch – Chicken, veggies, sweet potatoes, avocado, water
Snack – Tilapia, veggies, water
Dinner – Ground turkey, veggies, water

If you could pick only 3 different body parts to put on your body from 3 other people, what would they be and why?

Actually, I’m pretty happy with my body. Not that I am perfect by any means but I’ve worked very hard over the last couple of years to be in the best shape of my life. The satisfaction that comes from hard work is an amazing feeling and even though it would be easier to hand pick a part from someone else you wouldn’t appreciate the dedication it took to get you there. Maybe some new feet :) because I have plantar fasciitis and it makes it difficult to run long distances without pain and I love to run.

What are your 1st and 2nd biggest achievements in life so far?

1.Moving to the East coast by myself after college graduation. I had no friends or family nearby and it was the first time I lived alone. Even though it was challenging at times it made me stronger in the end.
2.Stepping on stage in only a bikini for my first show with the WBFF. I have tremendous respect for anyone who has the courage to compete.

What is your main goal in life?

Simple; to stay healthy and happy and to help others do the same. I try to live my life by the HitchFit slogan; Believe, Transform, Inspire.

What is your favourite picture of yourself at the moment?


Here is a video link of me from the May WBFF show, theme round.

Link to my transformation with HitchFit
Facebook Fan Page

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