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Nick Cheadle – Talks To Us

Age: 22
Weight: 84kg
Height: 187cm
Waist size: 32”
Workout Routine:

I train each muscle group at high volume 1 x per week, with arms & abs 2-3 times per week. I perform anywhere from 4-6 sets of 10-12 reps but always make sure to listen to my body – if I feel I can push out a few more reps then I will. An average week might include:
Monday – Chest/ Biceps/ Abs
Tuesday – Back/ Triceps
Wednesday – Legs/ Abs
Thursday – Shoulders
Friday – Biceps/ Triceps/ Abs
I also try to do HIIT 2 x per week & depending on how I’m feeling I might do MISS up to 2 x per week as well.


I follow IIFYM (If it fits your macros), which has really set me free in regards to letting my hair down a little. Generally I stick to clean, unprocessed foods however this gives me the freedom to change things up on the go – it’s not always possible to eat chicken and broccoli! As long as I hit my protein, carbs & fat goals for each day based on my goals then I’m good. Generally, I eat 5 meals throughout the day, each spaced around 3 hours apart from one another, as my body tends to work well like this. I also drink 5-6 litres of water a day. The main foods I eat include:

  • Oats
  • Brown rice
  • Soy lin toast
  • Rice cakes
  • Blueberries
  • Bananas
  • Chicken
  • Tuna
  • Eggs & egg whites
  • Protein powder
  • Salads – tomatoes/ spinach/ mushrooms etc
  • Broccoli & other mixed veggies

When and why did you get started?

I started doing the typical beach weights routine around the age of 16 at school. Everyone just wanted to have a big chest and big arms, so most afternoons we didn’t have school sporting commitments would be spent doing curls in the school gym.
Only since becoming a Personal Trainer several years ago have I taken an interest in proper training & nutrition. I guess the current mission has lasted a couple of years, after making a bet with a close mate over who would get a magazine cover sooner. Unfortunately the bet hasn’t been won…yet!

Will you always strive to get stronger or at some point just try to maintain?

I’d like to think of my body as an on-going project – something that will never be the completely finished product. There are always weaknesses & areas to work on, bring up or improve upon. This is what keeps you motivated to torch yourself in the gym day in, day out.

Have you done any competitions or plan to?

I competed for the first time last October in the ANB National Fitness Model Championships. It was such a great experience that I’ll definitely be back this year. The atmosphere and attitudes of all the boys on the day was simply awesome. I managed to place 3rd which has only served as motivation to come back bigger and leaner this time around.

What would be your biggest dream to be able to achieve?

I don’t know exactly what it is I’d like to accomplish in life, however I really love what I do at the moment. I feel like I’m heading in the right direction along the right path in something that I enjoy, so I want to see how big it can be. My personal training business has continued to grow steadily over time & I’ve received overwhelming support since launching the online component of my business. I’m now writing Meal Plans & Workout Regimes for people all over the world, which I’d certainly never contemplated happening when I began as a Personal Trainer several years ago. I’d love to increase my exposure, get ‘Nick Cheadle Fitness’ out there & see where I can go from there.
I’d also really love to break into the modelling & fitness modelling industry as well.

Do you ever struggle to stick to your diet and eat lots of junk food?

IIFYM gives me the freedom to change things up on the go – it’s not always possible to eat chicken and broccoli, particularly with busy work schedules, social lives etc. As long as I hit my protein, carbs & fat goals for each day based on my goals then I’m good. Generally, I do try & stick to clean, unprocessed foods as my body responds to these much better, however if I want to fit a cupcake into my day then I’ll rearrange my other meals to get around it.

Allot of us out there love a good drink of alcohol from time to time, do you ever drink, if so how often?

I choose not to drink. If I’m going to consume excess calories, I’ll take it from food!

If you could pick only one supplement what would it be? (Not protein as you can get that from foods easily)

Multivitamin / fish oil for general health & well being.

Your favourite food?

Pizza – without a doubt!

If you could pick only 3 different body parts to put on your body from 3 famous people, what would they be and why?

Whilst I’d like to say I’m happy with my own body, there’s always going to be a better set of abs, or a bigger set of arms etc. So I’ll take Josef Rakich’s abs, David Kimmerle’s biceps & Marco Pietrowski’s chest.

Who do you look up to these days and why?

Some of the big name Fitness Models who take the time to give back & help others – blokes like David Kimmerle & Rob Riches who really go the extra mile to help people out. They both work so hard at what they do; their lifestyles & what they have each accomplished is inspiring in itself.


Your favourite quote?

I have a few.

  • You cannot out train a bad diet – unknown
  • Obsessed is a word the lazy use for the dedicated – unknown
  • History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it – Sir Winston Churchill
  • Don’t talk about it, be about it.

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Your top 3 tips to someone that might be just starting out bodybuilding?

1. Take the time to educate yourself on proper nutrition & training.
2. Ask questions – we all had to start somewhere!
3. Give yourself time. This is a marathon & not a 100m sprint.

What is your favourite motivation picture online and why?

I’ve always been a fan of one of the Nike commercials. It features a billboard saying ‘Yesterday you said tomorrow’.

Twitter – @nickcheadlefit
Meal Plan/ Workout Regime Enquiries – nickcheadlefitness@gmail.com

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