Jan 28

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Mihai Cristian aka CISS – Talks To Us

Age: 16

How and why did you get started?

I started bodybuilding at age of 14 by that time I was very skinny I weighted somewhere like 50kg. As a child I was very attracted to this sport when I saw a bodybuilding show where Kai Greene was competing and I said to my dad ,, I wannabe like that”. Since that day I started flexing some dumbbells from my dad and by the time of 14 years I went to the gym after I documented about training and nutrition.

Mihai Cristian

Weight: 183lb

Height: 5’9”

Chest Size: 3’5″”

Waist Size: 33.5″

Quad Size: 23.5″

Calves Size: 16″

Biceps Size: 16.5″

Forearms Size: 13″

Max Deadlift: 330lb

Max BenchPress: 220lb

Max Squat: 265lb



  • Meal 1 : 1L of milk with 100g of cereals
  • Meal 2: 1 can of tuna with cheese
  • Meal 3: 100g of chicken breast
  • Meal 4: Protein shake
  • Meal 5: 150g of chicken breast + veggies
  • Meal 6: protein shake
  • Meal 7- before bed : 1L of milk


What Are Your Goals?

My goal is to compete in my first bodybuilding show and to win the open and become a pro till I reach age of 18-19. Another goal of mine is to inspire and teach others.


Workout Routine?

I follow a 4 day of training routine

Day one: Back and biceps
Day two: Chest and triceps
Day three: Legs
Day four: Shoulders


Right now i’m using

  1. GFX from ProNutrition
  2. BCAA from Dymatize
  3. Milk&Egg from ProNutrition





Website: FaceBook

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