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Martin Holroyd – Bodybuilding Isnt All About Lifting Weights

Age: 51
Weight: 14.5 stones
Height: 5’ 7”
Chest size: 49”
Waist size: 30”
Bicep size: 18.5 “
Calves size: 17.5”
Thighs size: 27”

Workout Routine:

Monday chest, biceps
Tuesday abs forearms calf’s
Wednesday Shoulders hamstrings
Thursday Quads
Friday back biceps
Sat any thing I’ve not trained hard enough or run out of time during the week
Sunday rest (or shovelling horse shite with my daughters horses :-)

Bulking Diet:

Lots of complex carbs i.e. potato, sweet potato, brown rice, wholemeal pasta, oats.
protein, chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, beef and NRGFuel 100% protein
Occasionally will throw in a mass gain or two depending on how much solid food I have managed to consume during the day. Sometimes the nature of my job doesn’t always allow this

Cutting Diet:

Pretty much the same as bulking but lots less of it, I usually cut my carbs out after mid afternoon four weeks leading up to a comp

When and why did you get started?

I first started training with weights whilst at school aged 15, did a bit more in my early 30’s and then made a comeback when I was about 41, from there on its been my life. During my mid years I raced motocross at national level , achieved a 2nd dan in Tae Kwon Do and ran my own club, did a lot or running, circuits and boxing. After I left my job in engineering, I had a career change and went to uni for 3 years to study occupational therapy. The last year at uni I did nothing except sit on my ass doing assignments and dissertations and reading books, ended up putting a load of weight on which I wasn’t happy with. Once qualified I joined a gym again with the intention of losing a bit of weight, did cardio for a few months and then slowly got back into lifting weights, the rest is history

Will you always strive to get stronger or at some point just try to maintain?

Always hoping to improve in everyway but my old bones aint what they used to be. I’ve had a few muscle tears ( bicep, anterior deltoid and rotator cuff) over the past few years that have hampered heavy lifting so I focus on another body part that’s still working ok. But as long as I feel I’ve worked hard and given a 100% that will do me.

Have you done any competitions or plan to?

Over the past four years I’ve done 15 comps and achieved good results. In 2010 I placed 3rd in the Nabba Britain masters, 3rd in the Universe and won the UK final. 2011 a again placed 3rd in the Britain, 3rd in the World Championships in Brazil, 2nd in the Universe and 2nd at the UK. I reckon I’ve still got much to achieve and learning every day!!

What would be your biggest dream to be able to achieve?

At the moment my biggest dreams within bodybuilding is to open my own gym ( in progress) and then to win the Universe in October……… what more could a bloke wish for :)

Do you ever struggle to stick to your diet and eat lots of junk food?

No the dieting part is easy for me now, its like a ritual so I know what I’m eating next week, the week after and so on. Only time I eat rubbish is usually after a comp, I usually have a week or 2 of madness, then back to normality

Allot of us out there love a good drink of alcohol from time to time, do you ever drink, if so how often?

The only alcohol I drink now is vodka and at weekends only,( helps to relieve the pressures of a stressful job lol) However I cut this out completely leading up to a comp. Not sure why but have lost my liking of beer and wine. Much rather prefer an ice cold protein shake.

If you could pick only one supplement what would it be? (Not protein as you can get that from foods easily)

I don’t tend to use that many supplements apart from protein and l-glutamine. But I reckon my favourite at the moment in the NRGFuel N02. give you a good pump and intensifies my training and recovery

Your favourite food?

Gotta be chicken and jacket potato, think I’ve lost the desire and appetite for anything fancy now !
Used to love chocolate but can take it or leave it, kids usually eat it before I get a sniff anyway lol

If you could pick only 3 different body parts to put on your body from 3 famous people, what would they be and why?

Hard question as there are so many excellent pro bodybuilders out there, I think I would go for Kai Greene’s legs, Dexter Jackson’s back and Ronnie Coleman’s chest shoulders and arms primarily for their size and condition

Who do you look up to these days and why?

Again another hard question as I’ve made so many good friends over past few years in bodybuilding both male and female. Gary Lister always inspires me, he’s been in the sport for a long time, a true gent and still has an amazing condition. In all honesty, I think that everyone who goes through the ‘mill’ of seriously preparing for a comp (and their partners) are inspirational. I know how hard it can be both physically and emotionally and how much commitment it takes. I take my hat off to them all as they are all winners.

Your favourite quote?

You don’t stop playing when you get old, you get old when you stop playing!

Your top 3 tips to someone that might be just starting out bodybuilding?

Train with a reliable partner, one who will motivate and kick your ass when your having a bad day, train like each session is gonna be your last and eat the right food ‘ya cant run a racing engine on paraffin’

What is your favourite motivation picture online and why?

Bodybuilding aint all about lifting weights, its about the drive, motivation and commitment you have when everything’s gone tits up, your feeling down and the whole world is against you……… but you still go to the gym, switch off and train like there’s no tomorrow and come out without a care in the world



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