Jun 24

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Lewis Morgan – Did The Research

Age: 18

I started the gym just after my 16th birthday. This was mainly due to the fact I had to be 16 to join most of the gyms around by where I lived but I didn’t get into it properly until I was about 17.

I was inspired to join the gym due to a reason which is kind of funny which was when I saw a friend I new a few years older then me standing next to some chicks ripping out of a top biceps bulging and they were totally drawn in and all over him I was like holy sh*t!

That was the week that made me want a great physique. I didn’t start hitting it properly until 6 months on with the right workout programmes and eating half as good as I do now. I should have done re-searched allot more before I started, which is a tip for any new gymers out there.


Weight: 165lb

Height: 6’0″

Chest Size: 43″

Waist Size: 30″

Quad Size: 23″

Calves Size: 16″

Biceps Size: 16.3″

Forearms Size: 13″

Diet: Meal 1 – Oats + 4 eggs on 1 slice whole meal bread

Meal 2 – brown rice + green beans + Tuna

Meal 3 – (pre workout) – oats + protein

Meal 4 – (post workout) – Banana + protein

Meal 5 – Broccoli + asparagus + chicken salad

Meal 6 – Ground beef + green beans + salad (more colors the better)

Meal 7 – Cottage cheese + 1/2 chicken breast

Max Deadlift: 375lb

Max BenchPress: 253lb

Max Squat: 330lb

Goals: At this current moment I am bulking and am currently 196 pounds (89kg) and will carry on to do so until next summer. This is so I can get my best physique and then cut when I ave the perfect size.

I am going to compete in natural competitions in the near future and hope that I become a successful role model for natural aesthetics.

Routine: Sunday – Chest + triceps

Monday – Back + Biceps

Tuesday – Calves + abs

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Shoulders + traps

Friday – Legs + abs

Supplements: At this moment in time I am taking USN – Hyperbolic mass to help me when the extra calories as i have a fast metabolism. I also take, Optimum nutrition’s Multi-vitamin and Omega 3 – 1000mg fish oils.

I believe supplements are not needed to build muscle and should only be used when your diet is perfect. as the diet should be paid the most attention.

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Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/GymerMorgan?blend=1&ob=5


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