Jan 27

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Julian Martin – Talks To Us

Age: 22

How And Why Did You Get Started?

I begin the workout at the age of 17 years in addition to combat sport to become stronger! And then a year and a half ago I began to have good hygiene and be strict drive level!

Julian M

Weight: 165lb

Height: 5.85

Chest Size: 38.5″

Waist Size: 33″

Quad Size: 22.5″

Calves Size: 14.5″

Biceps Size: 15″

Forearms Size: 12.5″

Max Deadlift: 375lb

Max BenchPress: 275lb

Max Squat: 330lb


You Diet:

07 h : Oats, Egg white, Almonds and Banana

10 h : Oats or rice cakes and protein powder

13 h : Chicken and pasta, fruit

15 h 30 : Oats or rice cakes and protein powder

Pre training : Protein powder (whey)

Post training : Protein powder (whey)

20 h : Chicken, vegetables, fruit

23 h : Casein protein, bcaa, glutamine


What Are Your Goals:

Progress physically on plenty of points! Do competitions in fitness model, improve my knowledge and be coach!


Workout Routine?

My workout changes often

  • Monday : Legs, calves and abs
  • Tuesday : Chest and triceps
  • Wednesday : Cardio and stretching or art martial
  • Thursday : Shoulders and abs
  • Friday : Back, Biceps and Abs
  • Saturday : Cardio and stretching or art martial
  • Sunday : Rest


  1. Casein
  2. Bcaa
  3. Glutamine
  4. Carnitine!

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