Jun 26

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Joe Toth

Age: 42

I started lifting weights in 7th grade,and won my first show at 16 years old. I continued to compete in BB shows until my mid 20′s but I got discouraged because of all of the drugs. Form the ages of 30-35 I won three state titles in powerlifting, but tore my pec at 38 and went back into BB at 40. My goal now is to be the best Natural BB I can be.

Weight: 188lb

Height: 5’7

Chest Size: 49″

Waist Size: 31″

Quad Size: 25″

Calves Size: 17″

Biceps Size: 18″

Forearms Size: 16″

Diet: Eat every two hours,mostly fish on low carb bread. Low carb,high protein,refeed when needed.

Max Deadlift: 500lb

Max BenchPress: 450lb

Max Squat: 455lb

Goals: To win the Natural Mr.Ohio in 2012. I came in 2nd in 2011.

Routine: Train two hours a day seven days per week.

Supplements: ZMA
Scivation by Extend


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