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Jamie Smith – Talks To us

Age: 19

I started bodybuilding about 18 months ago, around the summer of 2009/10, however this was really just curls for girls and I didn’t really have the diet or knowledge to make many gains. Then about 8 months ago, I began to increase my focus on diet and the way I trained, intensity, progressive overload and volume. This has greatly improved the rate of which I have made lean muscle gains.

Growing up I was always an extremely skinny kid, and very intimidated by other boys, even ones that weren’t that much larger than me. As a result of this many sports didn’t really interest me once they became too physical, namely Australian football, so I turned to the gym to challenge me physically and mentally. I have always had great interest in the human body, how it works and the science behind it, so when a local gym gave me a free membership over the school holidays I joined up and haven’t looked back since. As my knowledge about different exercises, training techniques, nutrition and supplements has improved my desire and drive to reach my goals has increased motivating me further.

Weight: 173lb

Height: 6’1″

Chest Size: 42.5″

Waist Size: 32″

Quad Size: 21.5″

Calves Size: 13.5″

Biceps Size: 15.5″

Forearms Size: 12.5″

Diet: For me diet is a massive part of my training, and I have recently improved my diet so that fits in with my goals of gaining lean muscle mass. Although it is not the same every day due to preparation times of meals, i try to eat the correct amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats each and every day, in order to gain lean mass.

Meal 1 – Protein Shake, 1 Cup of Oats/ 1 Bowl of Cereal, Flax Seed Oil Tablet, Fish Oil Table

Gym Session

Meal 2 – Protein Shake, 2 Slices of Wholegrain Bread

Meal 3 – 2 whole eggs and 1 egg white omelette, slice of cheese, 50g’s of turkey, 1/4 avocado, 2 slices of wholegrain bread with flax seed oil and fish oil tablets

Meal 4 – Chicken Breast, Mushroom and Baby Spinach OR 2 turkey, baby spinach and cheese whole grain sandwiches

Meal 5 – Lamb or Beef with potatoes and mixed vegetables, OR pasta with meat sauce with flax seed oil and fish oil tablets

Meal 6 – 2 slices wholegrain bread, 1 Casein Protein shake before bed

Max Deadlift: 364lb

Max BenchPress: 232lb

Max Squat: 356lb

Goals: My overall goal is to continue to gain lean muscle mass, I don’t have a goal weight or ideal body fat percentage because I really just want to continue to develop an aesthetically appealing physique. However my legs are lacking compared to the upper half of my body and I need to work hard on them to bring them up to the standard of arms and torso. Eventually I wish to become a leading fitness model in Australia and have one of the most aesthetic natural bodies in the world, but that’s a long way off.

I am also currently training to become a personal trainer and aim to help other people achieve their fitness and health goals just like I am continually doing.

I one day hope to make fitness my career as I have a profound love and passion for it

Routine: My workouts are always varied and I never have the same two weeks in a row, however the muscle groups I train on each day are often the same week in week out, it is just the reps, sets and exercises that I vary. Intensity is the key to any workout, and the rep range used must be suitable for the goals you are trying to achieve. Here is a sample weekly routine I would use.

Monday – Back & Triceps

Lat Pull down – 4 Sets – 12,8,8, Large Drop Set

Seated Row – 4 Sets – 12,10,10, Large Drop Set

Cable Pull down – 3 Sets – 12,10,10

Skull Crushers – 4 Sets – 12,10,10,8

Dumbbell Rows – 4 Sets – 12,10,10,12

Tuesday – Legs

Squats – 5 Sets – 15,12,8,8,15

45 Degree Leg Press – 4 Sets – 12,12,10,10

Lying Leg Curls – 3 Sets – 12,12,12

Leg Extensions – 3 Sets – 12,12,12

Hack Squats – 4 Sets – 12,12,10,15

Wednesdays – Chest & Biceps & Calves

Bench Press – 5 Sets – 12,8,8,8,5

Cable Crossovers – 4 Sets – 12,10,10,12

Preachers Curls – 4 Sets – 12,10,10,12

Low Cable Hammer Curls with Rope – 3 Sets – 12,12, Large Drop Set

Incline Press – 4 Sets – 12,10,10,8

Dumbbell Curls – 3 Sets – 12,10,8

Dumbbell Flys – 3 Sets – 10,10,10

Standing Calf Raises – 5 Sets – 15,15,12,12,15

Seated Calf Raises – 5 Sets – 20,20,15,12,8

Thursday – Shoulders & Abs & Obliques

Shoulder Press – 4 Sets – 12,12,10,10

Upright Rows – 4 Sets – 12,12,10,10

Superset with

Lateral Raises – 4 Sets – 12,12,12,12

Reverse Cable Flys – 3 Sets – 12,10,10

Cable Crunches – 4 Sets – 50,50,50,50

Superset with

Leg Raises – 4 Sets – 15,15,15,15

Ab Twists – 4 sets – 35,35,35,35

Superset with

Side Crunches – 4 Sets – 15,15,15,15

Friday – Arms

Preacher Curl – 4 Sets – 12,12,10,10

Barbell Curls – 3 Sets – 12,10,8

Hammer Curls – 3 Sets – 10,10,10

Tricep Pulldowns with Rope – 4 Sets – 12,12,10,10

Skull Crushers – 4 sets – 15,12,12,10

Dips – 3 Sets- Failure

Saturday – Calves & Dead lifts

Standing Calf Raises – 5 Sets – 15,15,12,12,15

Seated Calf Raises – 5 Sets – 20,20,15,15,20

Dead lifts – 7 Sets – 15,12,8,6,3,8,10

Sunday – Rest

I train abs and obliques twice a week, however I just train them on days when I can fit them in, they are not set in my routine

I also do cardio on 3 or 4 days of the week, this involves HIIT on the treadmill, where i walk for 2 minutes and then sprint for 2 minutes, for a total of 20 – 25 minutes. I sometime low intensity steady state training on some days, a face paced walk on an incline.

Little Extra: Motivation comes from many different avenues for me, however I receive a great amount of motivation from people like Josef Rakich, who are only a few years older than me but have already attained amazing physiques. My workout partners are also great sources of motivation as they help me on the days where I am not 100% focused on working out. However most of my motivation comes from the gains i make, and the goals i reach in the gym, like new personal bests on certain lifts like deadlifts and squats.

Supplements: Currently I am taking just a standard high percentage whey protein in the morning and straight after my workout. A casein protein powder before bed, for a slowly released dose of protein. A Flax Seed Oil Tablet for slower digestion of protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner. And a Fish Oil Tablet for general health and wellbeing also at breakfast, lunch and dinner.




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