Dec 16

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Gerald Lumer – Talks To Us

Age: 27
Weight: 170lb
Height: 5’9″
Chest Size: 44″
Waist Size: 31″
Quad Size: 24″
Calves Size: 15.1″
Biceps Size: 17.3″
Forearms Size: 12.4″

When did you get started?

I started weight training in october 2008. First as a complement of mixed martial arts (I was practicing Muay Thai and grappling…) to improve my explosiveness and my striking force. After a few months, I loved the way my body started to look. Then I became interested more and more by nutrition and body building. I was trapped!


Meal 1 – 3 eggs, oats, banana, whey protein
Meal 2 – Pre-training: whey protein shake with BCAA and creatin, oats
Meal 3 – Post training: whey protein shake with BCAA, glutamin, creatin and Vitargo
Meal 4 – Chicken or lean steack, brown rice, vegetables
Meal 5 – Same as meal 4
Meal 6 – Fish (tuna, salmon or tilapia), vegetables
Meal 7 – Casein shake with glutamin, nuts or peanut butter

Max Deadlift: 441lb
Max BenchPress: 287lb
Max Squat: 397lb

Become the best model fitness as I can! Inspire and motivate people to achieve their goals, give a clean and healty picture of the fitness lifestyle.
Recently I opened my own dietary supplements store with my very good friend Ludovic Bensouna (look at his profile, this guy has an amazing physic), I sincerely want to thanks him for giving me this chance, I’m really happy.


It changes pretty often but most of the times it look like that:

Day 1 – Chest, Abs
Day 2 – Legs
Day 3 – Back, Traps, Abs
Day 4 – Shoulders, Calves
Day 5 – Arms, Abs
Day 6 – Day off
Day 7 – Day off

Little Extra:

“Hard work and dedication always pays off”


Whey protein, BCAA, glutamin, creatin, casein, multi-vitamin. Caffein and green tea extract for diet period.

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Website: http://deviantskin.book.fr

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