Nov 20

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Emma Brace – Talks To Us

Age: 43
Weight: Competition Weight 123lb /Offseason weight 154lb
Workout Routine:

Monday: Back & Abs / Tuesday: Legs (heavy) / Weds: Shoulders & Abs / Thurs: Chest / Fri Legs (light) / Sat: Bi’s Tri’s & Abs / Sunday Off. I train legs twice a week as they need the most improvement.
During diet down I do cardio every day, off season I don’t do any (which is awesome :D ) and use my weights to keep me fit.

Allot of other women look up to you, who do you look up to?

Blimey, do they really!! That’s pretty cool I would say the greatest influences in my life have been the gorgeous Eleni Plakitsi (IFFB Pro) and my coach Lee Powell (IFBB Pro) who has been a massive positive driving force in my life. He has an unshakeable training ethic and an ability to inspire you to be the best you can be. He has taught me not only how to be a better bodybuilder but how to be a better person too.

Your favourite food?

Shortcake biscuits! I seriously think I have a slight addiction to them!

What’s your best music to work out to?

I love a bit of Trance or Happy Hardcore!

Do you eat any of what people call junk food? If so how often?

Absolutely!! I keep my diet spot on during the week and eat all the right things to encourage my body to grow but you can’t be an angel all the time; my favourite day of the week is a Sunday when I have my Cheat time… and you should see what I can put away then! Chocolate, cakes, biscuits they are my favourite but I’m also partial to thick white Tiger Bread toast with real butter and marmalade, oh and Welshcakes! I can’t emphasise how important it is to relax your diet, not only will it keep you on track (and sane!) in the week but it will also rev up your metabolism; I wake up the day after my Cheat leaner than I was when I started! And, yes, I keep my cheat time in right up until my comps. It works for me.

Do you drink alcohol? If so how often?

I don’t drink very often at all, it just doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle, but if I attend a special event then I do like a nice glass of ice cold crisp dry white wine. One glass is generally enough for me!

What would an example be of your diet you eat day to day?

My diet changes depending on what phase of training i’m in, whether i’m increasing my lean mass for the next diet down or whether i’m getting ready for competition. Here’s what I would typically eat when dropping bodyfat for competition.

  • Breakfast: Eggwhite Omelette and Oats with Cinnamon
  • Meal 2: Turkey, Basmati Rice
  • Meal 3: same as meal 2
  • Meal 4: White Fish and basmati Rice and Asparagus
  • Meal 5: Fillet Steak and sweet potato
  • Meal 6: Eggwhite omelette

I’d also have my shake (whey) and a few ricecakes after I workout. It looks pretty boring but you get used to it and I have tomato sauce with EVERYTHING! I also take vitamins, bcca’s, l’glutamine, CLA and Udo’s Oil and drink between 4-6 litres of water a day.

If you could pick only 3 different body parts to put on your body from 3 other people, what would they be and why?

I’m pretty happy with where my upper body is so I’d have to split my lower body in three “Wishlists” and two people..
Marika Johanssen’s legs and calves – have you seen them they are amazing! I’m fortunate enough to have Marika as a very good friend so i’m stealing all her leg/calf training tips!
Malika Zitouni’s butt – such great shape and conditioning

What are your 1st and 2nd biggest achievements in life so far?

I’ve had such an incredible year and achieved so much it’s hard to choose, but my first has to be beating a 15 year eating disorder, Buliemia. It was the hardest battle of my life but one that led me to my 2nd biggest achievement, stepping on stage for the very first time earlier this year and taking 3rd place at the NABBA British Finals Trained Figure class and qualifying for Miss Universe in my first year of competing! It’s been a busy year and next year I plan to make big improvements! I can’t forget too though becoming a Master Trainer with Physique Elite, a global initiative to raise the bar in personal training, the best of the best! 2012 has been fab, 2013 is going to be GREAT!

What is your main goal in life?

To be happy!

What is your favourite picture of yourself at the moment?

Anyone who knows me will tell you this picture shows me just as I am, full of laughs! I really love it!

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