Jun 08

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Devin – Gained 30lb+

Age: 18

Joined a high school weightlifting class sophomore year, from there it all went uphill. I got my first gym membership and started hitting the weights hard. At first, I didn’t really know what I was doing (doing all upper body in one day) but I became more and more knowledgeable, with the guidance of other weightlifters, and the internet. Now I’m on a decent diet, and a steady workout plan.

Weight: 160lb

Height: 5’10″

Chest Size: 43″

Waist Size: 30″

Quad Size: 23″

Calves Size: 13.5″

Biceps Size: 15″

Forearms Size: 13.5″

Diet: I don’t have a set diet, but the basics is:
40% protein
30% carbs
30% fats

Max Deadlift: 345lb

Max BenchPress: 260lb

Max Squat: 275lb

Goals: The biggest goal is to weigh 180 pounds at 5-6% bodyfat, of course this is my ultimate goal, but I intend to achieve it nonetheless. Shredded.

Routine: Mon/Thurs – Chest/Bis

For the record: I don’t really do barbell bench. You can if you want.

DB Flat Bench – 4 sets 10-4

DB Incline Bench – 4 sets 12-6

Incline DB Flies – 4 sets 12-6


Cable Flies – 4 sets (10)


Crossovers 4 sets (10)

Barbell Curls 3 sets (10)


Hammer Curls 3 sets (8)


Reverse Curls 3 sets (8)


Tues/Fri – Back/Tris

Wide Grip Chinups – 4 sets (as many as you can do)


Neutral Grip Chinups – 4 sets (as many)

Yate’s rows – 4 sets (12-6)

Lawnmowers – 4 sets (10)

Lat Pulls – 4 sets (12-6)

Bent over reverse flies – 4 sets (10)

Deadlifts 5 sets – (5)

Skullcrushers 4 sets (10)

Weighted Dips 4 sets (10)


Wed – Legs/Shoulders

Ass-to-Grass (ATG) Squatz – 3 sets (10-6)

Leg Press – 4 sets (12-6)

Leg Curls – 4 sets (10)

Leg Extensions – 4 sets (12-6)

Military Press 4 sets (12-6)

Lateral Delt Raise 4 sets (10)

Calf Raises (I use the leg press machine) 4 sets (15-8)

Abs can be done everyday in my opinion. Try to focus on core workouts to build lower back, lower abs, obliques, and hip flexors.

Do Dragonflags for abs.

Little Extra: I’ve been lifting for a year and a half now. Started at 120lbs barely benching the bar, currently at 160 benching 260. All you need is pure dedication and willpower. Only supplement I’m taking is GNC Ravage preworkout.

Pictures Done By: Me.

Website: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/trapsofthegods/

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