Jun 09

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Derek Hoang – Life Changing

Age: 20

I started back in high school in 09 weighing 205lbs+. I felt very disgusted of myself and people would often call me fat. I decided to take a fitness class in school with a buddy and that changed my life! I started seeing small progress, which kept me motivated to keep going but it wasn’t dramatic results. It was not until I left high school and did more research in diets, routines and supplements that got me to where I am now!

Weight: 176lb

Height: 5’8

Waist Size: 32″

Quad Size: 25″

Calves Size: 14.6″

Biceps Size: 16.2″

Forearms Size: 14.4″

Diet: This is a standard day but I do change my meals up very often.


Breakfast :

2 boiled eggs

glass of skim milk

multivitamin and fish oils

Lunch :

1 grilled Tilipia

1 cup of mixed vegetables

Snack 1(after workout) :

1 scoop Kaizen Iso protein shake

ON bcaa pills

Dinner :

1 grilled chicken breast

1 cup of spinach

multivitamin and fish oils

Snack 2:

handful of peanuts or 2 tbl spoon natty peanut butter

Bedtime :

4 tbl spoon of cottage cheese or 1 ON casein shake

Max Deadlift: 440lb

Max BenchPress: 275lb

Max Squat: 320lb

Goals: My goal is to slow cut down to 160lbs with 8% bf and increase my lifts. Hopefully join a bodybuilding contest at least once in my life.

Routine: My routine as of right now:

Monday – Legs/abs

Tuesday – Chest/cardio

Wednesday – Back

Thursday – Shoulders&traps/abs

Friday – Arms

Saturday – Cardio

Sunday – Rest

Little Extra: If there are any questions, you can contact me from the link below.

Protein powder



Digestive Enzyme


Beef amino pills

Caffeine pills (pre-workout)

Pictures Done By: Me

Website: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/Hoangster/

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