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Dave Bohr – Showing What He Does Best

When and why did you get started?

When I was 15, I’ve been asked this almost more than any other question. I was inspired to start through my best friend at the time. He was overweight in Jr. High and the older kids picked on him daily. He turned to weights with more passion than I’ve ever seen in someone while training (anger can be a powerful fuel source of motivation unfortunately). Long story short he completely transformed and fought back, and won against these kids, and was never picked on again. By High school he was 6’1 275bs benching about 500bs and deadlifting/squatting much more. He now competes nationally with a record raw deadlift. It was inspiring to watch him grow and transform into something else, and put a stop to all his bully’s for good. It made me think through training many things were possible, I was hooked since then to see how far I could go, and well here I am.

Currently these are my stats:

Age: 28
Weight: 195-205lb
Height: 5’9″
Measurements while flex’d:
Chest Size:48”
Waist Size:30”
Quad Size:27”
Calve Size:17.5”
Bicep Size:R:20”/L:19”
Forearms Size:15.5”


This is difficult to answer since my diet changes constantly. In order to keep things interesting I used several dieting techniques all the time, if you look back at any old Interview I was probably on a completely different diet each time.
Lately though I have been using an IF (intermittent fasting) style of dieting half the week, mainly on off days from training going about 16 hours on avg before I consume my first meal. I’ll try keeping fat below 10-15% of macros 6x/week eating off feel, and have a massive cheat about once/week. I usually binge eat this day, but avoid empty calories such as starbursts :)

An example of a common cheat day I may have a plate of white rice/Teriyaki chicken, a few pieces of fruit, 3-5 protein bars, 3 sushi rolls, chicken using regular BBQ sauce instead of something low carb/fat, granola or cereal with almond/skim milk & PB, and then maybe 2 clean meals. I may go as high as 5000 calories on a cheat day, but usually remain around 2700-3000 the rest of the week.

I have also fasted more than 72 hours straight with no food at all 3x in the last 5 months. I do this for several reasons but that’s a different topic.

Again this is just what I’ve been doing as of recently to maintain my current shape to stay in single digits without losing any LBM. I am considering switching to my ccKeto in December-Jan to lean out for a video project I still have in the works.

Your Goals:

Physically, my main goal is to maintain around 200lbs +/- year round. I have been 220-225 for years with more of a bodybuilder’s physique, but I prefer a more athletic/aesthetically pleasing physique. So I’m not really trying to gain any LBM (lean body mass), but rather stay where I’m at without gaining body fat, yet keep strength high.

Professionally my goal is just to stay on my current track, and expand my Online Training business to reach as many people as possible from all corners of the world. It’s what I enjoy most and regardless of income I will never stop doing Online Training. Unlike my In-person work I can help dozens of people/day Online which isn’t feasible in-person. I’m also looking to hire a couple trainers for Apex soon ideally a male & one female for specific clientele.


Just like diet this always changes. I usually use one of 2 splits for the week and just tweak the style of the split each time. I may do Chest/Tris, Back/Bis, Legs, Shoulders/Traps for one split. Cardio I try to go fasted in the AM prior to eating, and this is also when I try to focus on core, although I do touch up work on core at the end of my regular training splits as well.
Another common split I do is a 5 day split breaking muscle up a bit more I.e. Chest, Back, Shoulders/traps, Legs, Arms. Another variation is hitting arms with chest/back and again on their own day to train them twice in a single training week I will do this every 3rd week usually.

My style of training is HIT 95% of the time, I usually only do 9-12 sets per muscle group, using lower reps for half the routine, and around 8-12 rep range for the remaining. Most sets I apply advanced techniques such as partial reps, drop sets, super sets, pre-exhaust, and varying angles, & grip/stance from narrow/normal/wide. I also like to do a lot of advanced spotter work such as have my spotter control the concentric (pushing/pulling) portion of the exercise using very heavy weight, while I do my best to control the eccentric with a very slow tempo. Or have them apply counter resistance on certain machines during the last 30-40% lockout range of the movement.

The other 5% of the time I will try to completely mix it up and do the opposite of what ever I have been doing. Typically this is high volume training, so I may hook up with a high volume training partner and like my buddy Matus Valent who will put us through 50 sets just on chest for example, and just follow his lead for the day. I feel adding this contrast to my HIT style routine once/month or so helps prevent me from neglecting that style and assist with strength endurance for future workouts.

Overall though for anyone trying to improve LBM or strength besides consistency when it comes to training progression is the most important thing to focus on. This is why I have my clients document all gym lifts each workout (total sets/reps/weight) so that the next week we can review this and set mini personal records to get ONE extra rep more, or 5lbs more for the same amount of reps.

How much water do you consume in a day and do you think it plays a big part in building muscle?

I would estimate about 1.25-1.5 gallons on off days, and up to 2 gallons on training days.
Water is very important. Most adults are 60% water, research shows that if your total body weight drops even a few % points of water your endurance will be negatively impacted. You have to also remember that muscle glycogen which helps fuel our resistance training workouts requires 2.7g of water for every gram of glycogen, so carbing up post workout is not enough to replenish glycogen. All food we consume requires water to digest, if you don’t drink it, it will pull it from other areas of the body. All the essential organs we depend on require water to function optimally and stay healthy. Even sodium which can increase blood pressure due to H20 blood volume can be reduced by increasing your water intake to flush the electrolyte.

Do you eat any of what people call junk food? If so how often?

Of course, if in diet mode I avoid junk food pretty much the entire duration of the diet. I still cheat when my body tells me it’s time, but I avoid empty calories and stick to food types such as sushi, pasta, or pizza. I probably will cheat when dieting like this every 3 weeks. With my normal maintenance goal, I cheat at least once/week, but 90% of the diet remains clean. I don’t consider these foods “junk” though, you still get a lot of useful nutrients unlike empty calories in sugary candy.

Do you drink alcohol? If so how often?

I like to have a few glasses of wine from time to time, I won’t ever drink beer due to all the empty calories. A glass of red wine only has about 3-5g of sugar and there is a lot of debatable research on the positive health effects. Overall alcohol is not going to directly help you with bodybuilding though. It increases cravings, slows metabolism, dehydrates you, and in excess stresses the internal organs we rely on. However, it’s important when on any strict routine to have balance to it and your life. So having a drink with friends socially, or a glass of wine to relax I think can be beneficial to keep you mentally balanced and prevent you from getting too burnt out from the extreme lifestyle, and sometimes reset you to keep you on track.

What Supplements are you taking?

On training days I will make a Pre/Intra shake that I start to sip on 30 mins out from my workout that contains:
-35-50g/GENr8 VItargo
-15g Modern BCAA by USPlabs
-1-2g Arginine
I also alternate carbless pre-workout supplement samples I have on hand with it such as Jack3d, SuperPump250, SizeOn Pre-Contest, & Cardio Cuts by NDS. (I’m a fan of all of these.)

My post workout shake is the same as above, except 1.5 scoops Whey Protein added (I like HydroWhey & SEI Pharmaceutical’s (mainly for taste) & no Arginine or Pre-workout supp added.

For daily health I also take a Multi-Vitamin, Fish Oil/CLA, ZMA (zinc/magnesium/b6), Melatonin, & CoQ10.


Official website: www.ApexContestPrep.com
Facebook: www.ApexDiets.com (it will re-direct you to it)
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/ApexContestPrep

For anyone trying to improve their physique, or considering hiring a personal Training. Consider hiring Dave Bohr for Online Personal Training, it’s more affordable than in-person training and you get a lot more service for the $. He has a very detailed & effective training system down with a high success rate. You can find out more about his Online Training Packages here:

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