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Darlene Escano IFBB Pro

Age: 32

Workout Routine:

Mon – Shoulders and glutes
Tues – Back and biceps
Wed – Legs
Thurs – Chest and triceps
Fri – Glutes and abs
Sat and Sun – Rest
Cardio every morning or twice a day for competition

Daily Diet:

At the moment
M1- Oats and Proto Whey protein powder (favourite meal of the day)
M2- Kangaroo and basmati rice
M3- Kangaroo and broccoli
M4- Kangaroo or Chicken and broccoli
M5- Protein Shake (post training)
M6- Kangaroo or Chicken or Fish and brocolli

Achievements so far:

March 2011 – I competed in the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio in the amateur figure division.  My 20 week contest prep paid off when I won my height class and also won the overall. Because of this achievement which has never been done by any Australian in this event the IFBB awarded me with my pro card. A week after the Arnold Classic I flew back home to compete in my first pro show the Australian Pro Show in Melbourne. I placed 3rd after Erin Stern current Ms Olympia and Alicia Harris. Because I placed 3rd I qualified to compete in the 2011 Ms Olympia in Las Vegas in September. A great result for my first pro show.

Allot of other women look up to you, who do you look up to?

I don’t really look up to anyone though I admire many women in our sport. Monica Brant was my idol and my motivation to train hard to achieve a physique like hers.

You started competing in 2007, what made you want to compete?

It was a goal my boyfriend at the time and I wanted to do. He helped me with my training and diet. Sadly he didn’t watch me compete as he passed away 7 weeks before the competition. (unleashed beasts comment: sorry to here that)

You got married in May, do you find that your life style adds a big strain on your relationship?

Our wedding in May was beautiful. My husband is a very patient, supportive and understanding man. During comp season I can get a little moody with my diet but he knows that’s not what I’m really like and I apologise straight away when I know I’m out of line. Competitors are not easy to live with so it takes a special someone to put up with us.

Do you eat any of what people call junk food? If so how often?

I have 1 cheat meal once a week. Usually I use this time to go out with my husband for dinner or have chocolate at home watching a movie.

Do you drink alcohol? If so how often?

I find alcohol effects my training and diet so I stay away from it. The only time I will drink alcohol is at New Years eve or my birthday.

If you could pick only 3 different body parts to put on your body from 3 other people, what would they be and why?

That’s a good question but also a ha

rd question. I find there are so many women who compete that have flawless physiques that I admire and would love to have.

What is your main goal in life?

My main goal in life is to live a happy, successful balanced life with work, training and my personal life.

So what do you plan on winning next?

I would love to make it to the top 6 in the Ms Olympia that would make me the highest ranked Australian in this prestigious event. But obviously winning would be my  ultimate dream!

What is your favourite picture of yourself at the moment?

This was a photo taken by Charles Lowthian from Melbourne. I love his work and the way he captures my hard work in the photos.


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