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ChinoZ32 – Does Intermittent Fasting

Age: 31
Weight: 160lbs
Height: 5’6
Waist size: 31”


Monday: Back/Traps

Tuesday: (Varies, usually some shorter but metabolic interval training with barbells, sleds, kettlebells, etc. – always non-tension) Kettlebell complexes: Supersets of swings, snatches, cleans, Turkish Get Ups, and Windmills

Wednesday: Chest/Shoulders

Thursday: (Varies, usually some shorter but metabolic interval training with barbells, sleds, kettlebells, etc. – always non-tension) Kettlebell complexes: Supersets of swings, snatches, cleans, Turkish Get Ups, and Windmills

Friday: Waist Down – Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves

Saturday: Condition work for injured right tricep tendon – kettlebell and dumbbell presses and experimental bicep work.

Sunday: Passive Rest Day

I always train fasted and my fasted hours vary from 12hrs to 24hrs.


I employ an Intermittent Fasting approach and eat no more than two meals a day. Although I must note that I only follow these guidelines consistently Monday to Friday whilst weekends are usually flexible days in which I don’t count calories, for social reasons. I also believe that a flexible lifestyle is just as important to success as other qualities.

On a tension day, my nutrition looks like(approximately – 3-4 days a week):
Total: 3,000 calories (Currently on a mild cut, maintenance is approximately 4,000 calories on these days and more for bulking)
Protein: 350g
Fat: 50g
Carbohydrates: 236g
Meals: 2

On a non-tension day, my nutrition looks like: (approximately – 2 days a week)
Total: 2,300
Protein: 280g
Fat: 120g
Carbohydrates: 35g
Meals: 1

When and why did you get started?

This is actually my second attempt at a healthy lifestyle. The first attempt was perhaps at around 2005 and for my height and frame, I was obese at over 100kg. I trained for maybe a little over a year and fell off the wagon. I had mad second attempt early 2009 and I was a little over 82.5kg (attached progress pic) at this point, still large for my frame. There were a few reasons why I wanted to change my lifestyle. My self esteem was low. I believe I might have been depressed with not only my health but other things in my personal life, ie. Relationship, work, etc. I felt like I wanted a change, I wanted a distraction. I needed something or somewhere in which I could escape to. Over time, things changed for the good. Hard work became fun, fun became an obsession (healthy) and now it’s just part of my every day life, my passion. It’s changed me, not just in strength and composition but everything else. This is the youngest and happiest I’ve ever felt all my life.

Achievements so far?

Where do I start? The ability to have changed my life in so many ways both in and out of the gym. Feeling as young as I have ever felt at the age of 31, the happiest I’ve ever been, the strongest and fittest I have ever been all my life. And not to mention, the changes I’ve made under three years of adopting this lifestyle, in composition and in strength. Apart from the changes in myself, I consider the others’ whom I’ve inspired to adopt a similar lifestyle and also have made progress, to be as rewarding and satisfying achievement.

What would be your biggest dream to be able to achieve?

I’ve done it. To be the wealthiest person I can be. To have controlled my mind and be the happiest person I can be.

Do you ever struggle to stick to your diet and eat lots of junk food?

Negatory. With Intermittent Fasting, THIS is the solution for me. Although one thing I will note is that it is a struggle at times to maintain my weight and I AM forced to eat some junk food to maintain my composition, and this is already with a very flexible dietary/nutritional approach. Junk food is part of my nutritional approach. I believe some flexibility (and balance) is also crucial to making progress as well as a bonus benefits physiologically and socially.

Allot of us out there love a good drink of alcohol from time to time, do you ever drink, if so how often?

Indeed I do, as often as once or twice a week at moderate to ridiculous amounts. In lifestyle flexible is healthy, rigid is not, that’s how I feel it works for me.

If you could pick only one supplement what would it be? (Not protein as you can get that from foods easily)

BCAAs. I employ an Intermittent Fasting strategy and have found that training in a fasted state is when I am able to perform at my best best in both strength and endurance. I am usually fasted between 12hrs and 16hrs prior to training, 10g of BCAAs assist with preventing muscle loss whilst still being in a fasted state, since most amino acid supplements are extremely low in calories, it keeps me in a fasted state.

Your favourite food?

Seafood, seafood and seafood. Prawns, Atlantic Salmon, sea scallops, squid, omg omg ZOMG!

Your favourite quote?
Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

Your top 3 tips to someone that might be just starting out bodybuilding?

1.You’ve got to want it badly enough to start, as with most things. Identify and acknowledge. Ask yourself, what do you want, where do you want to be and what are you willing to do to get there and what you need to do to get there. If everything points to bodybuilding, then take action.
2.Have some flexibility, be your own labrat and try things out (not supplements, nutrition in real food is King). Track progress and be accountable.
3.Have fun, safe lifting.

Thoughts on Steroids?

Just like anything else, ie. Smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. If people want to do it, then that’s their choice, provided that it is not harming anyone else other than themselves.

Website where I blog my progress: chinoz32.blogspot.com
Twitter: @_CRD_
Fitocracy: www.fitocracy.com/profile/ChinoZ32

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