Nov 09

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Breanne Seward – Loves Helping Others Achieve Their Goals

Age: 26
Weight:contest: 114-116lbs offseason: 125lb


Cardio: 30 minutes empty stomach 6 days per week alternating low intensity and HIIT cardio. Post workout 20 minutes low intensity cardio. Favourite type of cardio: walking incline, step mill and cybex machine.
Day 1: shoulders and triceps
Day 2: legs
Day 3: back
Day 4: off day
Day 5: shoulders and triceps
Day 6: legs
Day 7: off day

Allot of other women look up to you, who do you look up to?

I look up to many women in the industry; however, what I really love is helping others achieve their goals and transforming their bodies. I admire the hard work and determination in many of my clients and I love feeding off their positive energy.

Do you eat any of what people call junk food? If so how often?

The only thing I really like is a glass of wine on the weekend with some chocolate. I honestly love eating super healthy nutritious food. You will never see me eat fast food or burger and fries or anything greasy.

Do you drink alcohol? If so how often?

I like a glass of wine on the weekend but only in the offseason, I never touch it when it hardcore training mode for a contest.

What would an example be of your diet you eat day to day?

I eat a balanced diet of whole eggs, eggwhites, oats, chicken, veggies, yams, fruit and nuts. Pre-contest I cycle my carbs and fats for fat loss purposes.

If you could pick only 3 different body parts to put on your body from 3 other people, what would
they be and why?

This is an interesting question hehe….hmmm I’d say Ava Cowan’s abs, Amanda Latona’s glutes and Candace Keene’s shoulders. Mainly because these women are all gorgeous!!

What are your 1st and 2nd biggest achievements in life so far?

I would say graduating from Simon Fraser University and climbing the ranks in figure from never stepping on stage to being a top national level competitor in 8 months :)

What competitions are you planning on next?

Perhaps Canadian Figure Nationals 2012 :)

If you could go back in time to a point in your life would you change anything?

No, I live my life with no regrets. :)

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Building on my personal training business and contest preparation business TEAM REFLEX HARDCORE with my husband Juan Jimenez, having a family and keep working on improving my physique.

What is your main goal in life?

To be happy, successful and help as many people live the fitness lifestyle.

3 tips to some on that might just be starting out?

  1. Hire a well qualified personal trainer, do not just hire a trainer because your friend did etc., check out their history and qualifications.
  2. Make a plan and stick to it.
  3. Set weekly or bi-weekly goals to keep yourself motivated and on track.


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