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August Kinney – Motivation Comes From Within

Age: 30
Weight: 180lb
Height: 6’1″
Chest size: 42″
Waist size: 30″
Bicep size: 17″
Calves size: 15″
Thighs size: 21″


I changed my routine up constantly. I try to lift each muscle group twice a week, and I always follow my weight training with 30 mins of cardio.


Tons of chicken!!! Lots of oatmeal, sweet potatoes, ground turkey, salad, tofu, broccoli, squash.

When and why did you get started?

When I was 15 years old my cousin had me try this old bench press in his backyard. I did a couple of sets, and the next day he took me to the athletic club that his family belong to and that was my first time every in a gym. I was instantly hooked!

Achievements so far?

Became a personal trainer at age 20, bench pressed 405 lbs at age 26, opened my own gym at age 29, took first place in my weight class in my first all natural bodybuilding show last year, was a “transformation of the week” on BodyBuilding.com.

What would be your biggest dream to be able to achieve?

My goal is to promote drug free weight training and bring fitness back! Working out is about being healthy, overcoming challenges, and being the best you can be! As long as I am able to work in this industry, and keep people away from the drugs and negative side of training, I am achieving my dream! I just love to workout!

Do you ever struggle to stick to your diet and eat lots of junk food?

Nope. I love to cook, and I’m so used to eating healthy that junk food doesn’t even taste good anymore. Food is fuel, and when you train hard you can’t run on crap!

Allot of us out there love a good drink of alcohol from time to time, do you ever drink, if so how often?

For sure! I have a glass of wine a couple times a week. If you train hard there’s no harm in it as long as you don’t over do it!

If you could pick only one supplement what would it be? (Not protein as you can get that from foods easily)

I would probably go with caffeine. I’m up at 5:00am everyday, and I train for close to 3 hours six days a week, so sometimes I need a little kick to make it through the day.

Your favourite food?

Sushi!!! There is no second place! I could eat it 3 times a day!

If you could pick only 3 different body parts to put on your body from 3 famous people, what would they be and why?

I don’t want anyone else’s body! I will continue to work hard on mine, and be happy for what I can accomplish! I admire anyone who’s in good shape, but I don’t want to be them.

Who do you look up to these days and why?

I respect anyone who trains hard, stays drug free, and is happy with themselves. I hate a lot of the vibe that goes with bodybuilding; so many of the guys are so insecure, and take working out way too seriously, when it really is just a hobby. If you aren’t a professional bodybuilder, then relax and just enjoy the rush!

Your favourite quote?

“Losers always whine about their best, winners go home and *uck the prom queen” -John Mason-

Your top 3 tips to someone that might be just starting out bodybuilding?

1) Lean your nutrition, it will put you ahead of all the other beginners,
2) Bench Press is the king of upper body exercises
3) Train your lower body!!!!

What is your favourite motivation picture online and why?

My motivation comes from within.

Thoughts on Steroids?

Cheating, destroying the basic principles, dangerous, weak, can’t hack it, lazy, not a good look, shortcut… As you may have noticed I am not a supporter!

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