Sep 06

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Sponsored Athlete/Fitness Model – Manu “The Freak Show” Grewal

Weight: 205lbs
Height:  5ft 10in


Essentially, train one bodypart per week.  High volume and with the utmost intensity.  Do 6-8 hours of cardio per week as well – treadmill, bike, sports, swimming, etc..
I train fasted and follow the Intermittent Fasting protocol developed by Martin Berkhan.
For further information, please see:  www.leangains.com


The majority of my diet is derived from wholesome nutritious foods such as oats, fruits, dairy, lean meats, rice, eggs, etc..  I really never get tired of those foods and so many different ways to be creative with them.  Love my chocolate milk and ice cream too!  YUMAAAAAAY!

How did you feel when you got asked to do your first interview?

At first I was like, “Why do you want to know about me?  Do you really want to do this? I’m boring!”  Hahaha!
I was definitely humbled and at the same time quite excited.  It’s fun to share with others what you have learned about training/diet and perhaps help others along the way. 

Who do you look up to these days and why?

I look up to anyone who busts their ass on a daily basis in EVERYTHING they do.  If you fall into this category, then you inspire me.
I personally cant stand laziness and complacency.  Life is too short to be lazy.  Lazy people should just be eliminated from this planet.  Serious.

What is your favourite picture of yourself?

Probably my “Train Hard” pic……

The pic has many different meanings for me – far beyond just training.

What is your favourite video of yourself at this time?

Is there a body part that you don’t like to train and if so why?

I would say abs and calves!  So boring..lol.

I see you love “chocolate milk” is there any junk foods that you crave allot and have often?

Oh cmon!  Im going to stop this interview right now..lol.  Chocolate milk is not junk food.  It’s a great source of protein, calories, and a healthy dose of calcium.  Although the majority of my diet would be deemed “healthy” or shall we say “clean”, I don’t consider any food off limits.  I understand caloric balance, how many calories I need on a daily basis, and just have foods that I enjoy eating on a daily basis.
Im a big ice cream fan and have it on a daily basis.  I love Ben & Jerry’s.  Cinnamon Buns is the absolute best.  Created by gods!

I see the only supplements you take are only “Whey protein, a multi-vitamin, and fish oil” do you feel it’s a waste of money and time to use any other supplements?

The #1 supplement in the world is free.  Can you believe that?  It costs nothing.  That is your mind.   Your mental strength is the #1 supplement.  Everyone has it.  It’s just that most don’t know how to tap into it and apply it on a daily basis.
Most supplements are not worth the money.  I’ll leave it at that.  Whole foods and consistent training gets the job done.

I see your favourite body part is your arms, if you had to replace two body parts with someone else’s, what would they be and why?

Give me Arnold’s chest!  That chest was like a shelf.  Could stand a book on it!
I wouldn’t mind having Tom Platz’s legs just for fun.  Looked unreal.
In general, I prefer the era of the 70s in terms of physiques.  Perfect combination of size, symmetry, and definition.

Some tips to someone that might just be starting out bodybuilding?

Have patience and be consistent!  Results don’t happen overnight.  The harder you work the better your results will be.

Sponsored by A1 supplements and FitGear.

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  1. Mike201011

    BTK! Sick interview Manu!

    Too many quotes to ‘mire but the supplement one was the best :D

  2. Rasc170

    awesome interview!