Aug 22

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Andreia Brazier Wbff Pro – Talks To Us

Weight: kg 53.5

Andreia Brazier Workout Routine:

In the past 4 weeks I have been training 3x PerWeek for the 2012 WBFF World Championships in Toronto, Diva Fitness model category, its this Saturday on the 25th August! :-)
I have been focusing on Plyometrics, kettlebells conditioning and Endurance training in this Phase.

Your favourite food?

Rye Bread, Fish, Nuts, Peanut butter, Cottage cheese…. lots more… I love healthy food…Makes me feel good.

What’s your best music to work out to?

Scream usher!!! make me feel sooo happy :)

Do you eat any of what people call junk food? If so how often?

I haven’t eaten junk food for a while… I hate junk food! it is disgusting… I look at that food and Imagine all the damage it does to the health and body… Not good… Junk food is like drugs we must all stay away from it :)

Do you drink alcohol? If so how often?

Seldom, I would have a bit of wine. Don’t really like alcohol at all.

What would an example be of your diet you eat day to day?

The past 4 weeks
2 slices rye bread
cottage cheese
smoked salmon

snack – small salad with some meat

lunch 120g of some meat & Big salad home made, people can find lots of my recipes on my page on facebook.com/TotalBodyConditioning

Dinner big salad and fish. I have been eating lots of salad for this comp now as I am training much less than normal.

What is your main goal in life?

creating my own brand.


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