Jan 28

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Ali Bendary – Talks To Us

What and why got you started?

As a kid I wanted to look like those heroes in the movies by getting older I played football for a quite long time then I suddenly stopped and went really into gym as I was 17 years old that was my first experience with Lifting and stuff and you get to know your mistakes always from your progress I used to think before only about my training and neglecting my nutrition and Cardio , which was extremely wrong , took me some years till I really knew how hard you should train and how hard you should rule yourself to eat healthy as much as you give as much as you will gain and at the end it all worth it the pump and the veins pops is a feeling that will always be enjoyable.

Ali Bendary

Age: 22

Weight: 180 lblb

Height: 5.9

Waist Size: 29″

Max Deadlift: 220 lbslb

Max BenchPress: 270 lbslb

Max Squat: 420 lbslb



  • Meal 1 : 1 Diet tuna + 8 egg whites
  • Meal 2: 1 tuna + 1 yam + 2 pears + Amino Acids + L-Arginine+ 1 banana (pre-workout)
  • Meal 3: 1 scope procomplex whey stacked with glutamine + BCAA + amino acids + chicken fillet with mushroms + 1 yam + 1 banana + 1 pear
  • Meal 4 : 1 tuna + 1 pear
  • Meal 5 : cottage cheese mixed with peach or Diet Tuna + 8 egg whites with Mushrom


Your Goals?

Will keep working hard and stick with my goals , I want to skip bulking season and to keep it clean,lean and add 3-4 kgs lean muscle till next November 2013 where I hopefully will be competing at MuscleMania ‘’Model Europe 2013’’ .


Workout Routine?

Day1: Chest and Abs.
Day 2: Back and Cardio
Day 3: Arms and Abs.
Day 4: Cardio + Abs
Day 5: Shoulders,Traps + Abs.
Day 6: Legs
Day 7: REST.


  • Procomplex whey
  • GNC Glutamine
  • Force Factor (L-Arginine)
  • Universal 2700 amino acids
  • TwinLab aminofuel
  • Centrum performance
  • Vita-C




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