Aug 12

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Alex Tzoulios – Talks To Us

Age: 19

I joined the gym a couple of months before my 17th birthday. I was always tall and skinny (150lb) so I decided to gain some mass.

At first I didn’t think I would gain much since I didn’t know anything about weightlifting or nutrition. I was basically doing the exercises I found to be the most difficult and eating as much as I could. So after seeing results after the first couple of months I got more motivated and started researching and learning more about training programs, nutrition and supplements.

Weight: 212lb

Height: 6″2″

Chest Size: 44.5″

Waist Size: 34″

Quad Size: 26″

Calves Size: 17.5″

Biceps Size: 17.7″

Forearms Size: 14.5″

Diet: I have never followed a specific diet with specific meals for each day. I always tried to eat as much as I could but always clean food. Since I’m a hard gainer and my metabolism is really fast I was always trying to get in as much carbs as possible. So I basically eat the following

Meal 1

oats,milk,toast,2 eggs, juice

Meal 2

either chicken/steak/beef with rice/potatoes/pasta

Meal 3 (pre-work out)

just coffee

Meal 4 (post-work out)

protein with vitargo (or creatine if I’m on)

Meal 5

chicken/steak/beef with rice/potatoes/pasta

Meal 6 (before bed)

protein shake

Max Deadlift: 353lb

Max BenchPress: 200lb (I only do close grip for tris)

Max Squat: 300lb

Goals: My goal for now is to reach 220lb and drop my body fat to 8% (from 12% which is now). So I will start doing cardio in a few months cause I haven’t done any in the last year and a half. I should work on my abs a bit more too, cause right now I only train them at home.

also to lift 440ld in deads…

Routine: I’ve tried lots of different programs and training slits but for the last year or more I have the same split and I mostly do the following exercises. I always use free weights and cables. I stay away from machines. I pyramid my sets increasing the weight and lowering the reps and I use the weider progressive overload principle. I also do drop sets, supersets or negatives whenever I feel like it as I’m training. So what I do now is this:

Monday (lower back)

deadlifts 4×12,10,8,6 (every other week)

barbell rows 4×12,10,8,6

T-bar rows 3×12,12,10

Tuesday (chest)

dumbbell incline press 4×12,12,10,8

dumbbell press 4×12,10,8,6

weighted dips 3×12,10,8

flies incl. or flat 2×12,10

cable cross-over 2×15

Wednesday (legs) (every other week)

leg extensions 4×25,25,20,20

leg press 3×15,15,12

smith squat 4×12,12,10,8

leg extension 3×15,15,12

Friday (shoulders/upper back)

military press 4×12,10,8,6

dumbbell press 3x12x10x8

seated side extensions 3×12,12,10

front raises 2×12,10

bent over rear extensions 2×12

behind the neck pulldowns 3×15,15,12

pulldowns 3×15,12,12

Saturday (arms)

pressdowns 4×15,12,10,8

close grip bench press 4×12,12,10,8

dumbbell overhead extensions 3×12,12,10

barbell curl 4×10,8,8,6

preacher curl 3×12,10,8

concentration curl 2×12,10

Little Extra: I always train to failure using maximum weight with keeping a good form. Always using a belt, straps and gloves.

I have divided the back in 2 work outs cause it works better and I have better results and I also do deads every other week cause if I do them every week it just puts too much pressure on my back and that’s not a good thing.

I also train legs every other week cause I don’t want them to get any bigger so I train them the week that I’m not deadlifting and I mostly focus on quads cause since I deadlift my hamstrings do not need extra training.

Supplements: Gaspari Myofusion

Pure Vitargo

Creatine every other 2 months

I have tried a lot of other supplements but these are the ones that really work. I have never taken steroids or prohormones.


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