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Aggressive – Just The Beginning

Age: 26

I’d always been a skinny kid growing up. When I started school I was probably the quietest lad there. Couple of years later I’d started hanging around with a group of mates. Just hung around smoking, drinking, and listening to music most of the time. I barely ever had any luck with chicks, and when I did it was a relationship here and there.

I was always in awe of guys with good physiques, real or fake (game characters or w/e). But it was more of an admiration in the same way you admire a Lamborghini or Ferrari drive by. Beautiful, but out of reach to a regular guy like me.

It wasn’t until I broke up with a girl from a 4 year relationship that I decided to spend my extra time on a new hobby. I’d never been in to physical education or sports in school, but wanted to try something like it. I got into Japanese Jujutsu. Ended up training it for a good few years (among others: Muay Thai, MMA), and finally earned my brown belt. By this time I’d built a pretty decent, toned physique. But still only around 140lbs.

It wasn’t enough, but it kinda opened my eyes a little and gave me the motivation to finally pay for a membership at my local gym at around July/August 2008. Luckily for me the particular gym I’d chosen was a proper, gritty, no-nonsense, get to work type of place. We had some very well informed guys training there, and I have been lucky enough to sponge information from them.

Just under 3 years later here I am. A completely different person to what I was back then. Confident, strong, healthy.. and popular with women ;) It feels fantastic. This has given me a new outlook on life. Suddenly I’m THAT guy my old self would idolise. I realised that its not out of reach, it just takes work and dedication. This is something that we can apply to everything in life. Always think; if he can do it, then I CAN do it.

And its still just the beginning..

Weight: 175lb

Height: 5’9″

Diet: I’ve never really counted macros, so its been a lot of trial and error since I started. Seem to have nailed it with my current diet though.

Meal 1: Oats/eggs +protein shake

Meal 2: Chicken/chicken S/w

Meal 3: Chicken breast, pasta, coleslaw, bar of chocolate

Meal 4: Oat bar and banana or something pre workout +protein shake

Meal 5: (Immediately post workout) Protein shake

Meal 6: Usually mackerel or steak

I’m sure there’s more potential for growth here (even though my lifts are still going up, so I’ll start a more strict diet plan with counted macros soon.

Max Deadlift: 389lb

Max BenchPress: 384lb

Max Squat: 361lb

Goals: See where it takes me. Perhaps I’ll compete one day. I’ve had people suggest it to me. This is just a hobby for me right now. I enjoy being in the gym, I’m not in a rush.

Routine:I never really stuck to a strict routine until recently. But it was always 3 sets, last set until failure. Varying rep ranges. Right now my routine is as follows:

1: Legs

- Standing Calf raise: 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Calf press: 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Leg extension: 12-15 (warmup), 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (until failure)
- Leg press: 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (until failure)
- Hack squat/front squat: 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (until failure)
- Leg curls: 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (until failure)
- SLDL: 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (until failure)

2: Chest & Biceps

- Decline bb pres: 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Inline DB press: 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- DB flye: 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Concentration curl: 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- BB curl: 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure

3: Delts & Triceps

- DB shoulder press: 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Lateral Raise: 10-12 (warmup), 6-8/10 (until failure)
- Cable lat raise: 8-10 (until failure)
- Reverse flyes: 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Tricep pushdown: 10-12 (warmup) 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Skull crusher: 8-10/10-12(warmup) 6-8 (failure)
- Tricep extension: 10-12, 6-8

4: Back

- Pullover: 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Close grp pull down: 10-12 (warmup), 8-10 (until failure)
- BB/DB row: 10-12 (warmup), 8-10 (until failure)
- Wide grp cab row: 10-12 (warmup), 8-10 (until failure)
- D/L or goodmornings: 10-12 (warmup), 8-10 (until failure)

5: Legs x2

- ATG squats: 12-15 (warmup), 8-10 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Front squats: 8-10 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Leg extensions: 12-15 (warmup), 8-10 (until failure)
- Standing Calf raise: 10-12 (warmup), 6-8 (until failure)
- Leg curls: 10-12 (warmup), 10-12 (until failure)

Day 5 (day 2 legs) is a bit of a mix of exercises I enjoy + extra’s I need to work on. Always includes squats and front squats though. Hope this helps.

Might add one or two extra’s onto the day if I feel like it, or if I dont feel Ive worked hard enough. Throw in some cable crossovers, plus an extra set of flyes on chest for example.

Supplements: My favourite pre-workouts (in order of preference):

Dorian Yates NO Xpump
USP Labs Jack3d
BSN NO Xplode


ON Gold Standard whey (chocolate)

Website: BodySpace

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