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Show The Beast Inside You

Our website is a place in where you can add yourself if you have been working hard in the gym to look good, unlike other websites related we don’t just show people that are famous, we make you famous!

Remember though, we only add people that look like they lift, you can also look around the site and get tips from other peoples pages, like in what their diet is like and there routine etc.

Lift heavy today look good tomorrow!

So who is the owner of this site?

Well that’s me Karl Daniels, I have been asked a number of questions, so I think the best way to explain everything is do a little interview for me, but on this page, then any other questions that need to be asked can be added at the bottom.

So Lets start

Name: Karl Daniels

Age: 28 (1983)

Weight: 181lb (at this time)

Height: 5’9″

Do you lift and if so how long have you been lifting?

yes I Do lift and have been lifting for around 3 years but wasn’t great at doing it at the start, I also hate to miss the gym and if I do I get in a really bad mood, I like to lift religiously and have only missed a small number of gym sessions in the last 3 years, I used to workout at home but started to run out of space and had to keep buying more weight discs to keep me going, so it was time to join a gym.

Why did you start bodybuilding?

This is a good question and really starts back 2005, back then I had a car crash, it wasn’t a bad one but it did affect me in a really bad way, basically while I was stuck it traffic with a articulated lorry behind me, the driver of that lorry decided to just drive into my car and push us down the road, this pinned the car to the front of the lorry and crushed all the back and the side of the car I had to clime out of the window, anyway apart from some back and neck pain we were OK, well that’s what I though! for around 2 weeks, I kept going out driving the higher car and things, but around 2 weeks after the crash, I suddenly became very ill, when I say ill at the time I felt like I was in hell and dying etc. but now I know it wasn’t anything like that, I was starting to have panic attacks and it turned out I had developed Agoraphobia and was suffering with PTSD, this was the start of my long journey to getting out and about again, to cut a long long story short after going on lots of medication and going from not getting out of bed to then just not leaving the house for around 4 years and getting out to short places in the 5th year, I started the gym in the 6th year after working out for a while at home and running out of space, but the reason I workout is to help with anxiety and my problems, I feel now this is my drug to keep me going in life and better than all the medication I was on, even though I am now only taking one lot of medication a day.

 Do you look big and do you have any picture of yourself?

I my self think I dont look big, I have been told I look big but the tape says otherwise, I have an old picture here:

this doesn’t really show my size, but I am not going to upload any daft picture of me until I look at least a little better lol, see the “Why dont you have your own interview page?” below for reason.

Why dont you have your own interview page?

The reason for this is I dont have a good physique, yet well or at least I dont even have a six pack, My bodyfat is a little to high at this time, but I am just starting a cut and I hope to be a nice weight and look maybe a little descent soon to maybe get an interview page up of my self, so I will keep working hard, so keep an eye out for it in a short number of months.

What is your routine?

Well over the years I have tried a number of routines, first I started with a full body 5 days a week, then I changed that to doing full body twice a week over 5 days, but I am really picky and dont stick to the same workout over a long time, before I started the gym I did 9 weeks of SS at home till I ran out of space so I joined the gym and finished a total of 12 weeks on SS (I know I could have gone longer I just wanted to change again lol), now with me only being able to go gym 3 times a week due to me looking after our children while my partner works I was just doing a 3 day split, but this got very boring and I did it for months, NOW I am trying to do a 3 day version of Layne Nortons PHAT workout and it seems to be a great one, with my kind of liking to it, to the fact that your working strength within the program also this I like allot, I have changed it a little but kept the idea the same, as I didn’t want the workouts to be to long, but I did only remove like two exercises.

Short term goals with bodybuilding?

At this time I just want to cut enough to get a six pack but still look good so I can add my self to this site.

Long term goals with bodybuilding?

I want to weight 200lb + 10%bf so be 200lb’s of muscle, all natural also


Please Note: I am not saying go out and take steroids in any way or form, we as a site do not sell or recommend medicated drugs in any circumstance and this should be left to your doctor

Thoughts of steroids?

Well everyone is to there own, if someone takes steroids then I wouldn’t look at them or treat them any different to someone that hasn’t taken them, I my self will never take steroids but I am not saying the thought hasn’t popped in my mind when I am getting frustrated in wanting to gain more size with muscle, that being said if I ever did take them and some one asked me if I did I wouldn’t hide it like some do I would just say yes.


Please Note: I am not saying go out and take steroids in any way or form, we as a site do not sell or recommend medicated drugs in any circumstance and this should be left to your doctor

What is your diet like?

Well I eat the same foods daily when I am managing to stick to my diet, I eat this at the moment on a cut:

  • oats and milk + 2 eggs, coffee
  • Protein Shake
  • Tuna on toast, coffee
  • Protein shake
  • chicken Stir-fry with lots of veg and noodles
  • Nuts
  • Cottage cheese

Do you stick to your diet?

In short no, weekend comes and I start off to have a cheat meal then I just cant stop eating, I eat lots of chocolate and them big bowls of cereal in the twos, I am really bad at sticking to a diet, but didn’t used to be when I first started, but this cut I am 100% on track to get a six pack and see what muscle I have gained since my last cut.

Please ask any more questions below and I will add them in with the answers, or use the contact page, thanks :)

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