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90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge

So you must have seen the My Journey From Fat To Fit pages? If you didn’t I advise you to have a quick read to see what was going on and what happened, or in a short note on day 32 I decided to try and start to come off medication that I had been on for nearly 7 years, this I did manage to do and have now been off and medication free for 5 weeks 3 days (to the date of 05/08/2012), this is a massive thing for me and I have to be honest I was dealing with that mainly and the gym, but not the diet, but I have to say if I hadn’t started that journey I would still probably be on the medication now, I really needed to move forward with my problems (check out the about us page for why I took medication etc.) Now that I am off medication life for me is allot harder, but I am not giving up and will keep pushing forward by placing my self daily tasks.

So time to get back on it and for real this time as I wasn’t eating much veg, fruit and healthy foods like this, so I really want to make sure I do and work hard, with that said I am doing this as a 90 day challenge, lots of people while I did the other fat to fit journey were very sceptical of how I would look at the end of the year if I had managed to keep at it and loose weight weekly (when I say how I would look, I mean still have no six pack showing) so I feel this is rubbish and can do it and look good at the end.

So what does all this mean?
Well it means =

  • I will be doing a calorie deficit for 90 days straight.
  • Eating very clean, and drinking plenty of water.
  • Keeping active allot, and being in the gym like I have allways been, but I will not be over doing it as I think I was last time.

Will I have lots of pages like the last journey?
NOPE I will not, I will keep the updates to this page only, if for some reason this page gets really long I will split the page into page 2,3,4 etc, but hopefully it will not.

Will I be updating daily like last time?
No I hope to update weekly only, and hopefully with a weekly picture, weight and BF% (body fat), I will not update with sizes etc. until the end of the 90 days.

Start 06 / August / 2012END  04 / November/ 2012

Day 1

Weight: 197lb

BF% (Body Fat): 19%

Wrist = 6.5″
Forearm = 12″
Biceps = 15.25″
Shoulders = 50″
Chest = 40.75″
Waist = 38″
Hips = 36.5″
Bum = 40.75″
Thigh = 25.5″
Calves = 15″
Neck = 16″

Picture: ———————————————————————————>

Day 7


Weight: 193.8lb (loss)

BF% (Body Fat): 19%


Notes: Doing and going really well, I feel good and working very hard,

whaaa whoo cry fat cry!


Picture: /\

I am going to start taking pictures of me facing the camera as I think it would be better, but I will take side shots also for the end as I might make a video of the change :-D

Day 14

Weight: 191lb (loss)
BF% (Body Fat): 19% ??

Notes: Another great week and another loss, I am on this hard but thinking of upping the game a little in some way, I want this change to be epic.

Information on my diet coming soon


Picture: ———————————————————————————>


Things Just Got Real!

Day 21
Weight: 189.6lb (loss)
BF% (Body Fat): 19%
Notes: I will use a better camera from now on! Now read below as this sh#t just got real ==

So Things just got even more real for me, as you see and look back I have been loosing weight, but what kind of weight I was unsure, as my bodyfat percentage was and is staying the same, so I needed to get help on this, so I became a client at so working with Dave Bohr, Dave is going to kick me in gear! On top of this I am also working with and adding their products in my diet, So hoping to use hemp within my diet and the help from Apex I WILL loose this body fat


Please note these next 69 days will be crazy and not for the faint hearted, please keep reading for some great updates

Day 28

Weight: 190lb (Gain :-(   gutted )

BF% (Body Fat): 19.50% still the dam same


Notes: So I am upping the interval training now and making sure I get all the cardio in I am meant to get in, I am still eating the clean diet with Hemp Protein in etc, and hopefully this week we will get a good loss to make up for that gain, It could be a change in diet, I dont know?


Picture: ———–>

As you see a better quality picture now :-)

Day 35

Weight: 188lb (LOSS Thats better :-) )

BF% (Body Fat): 18.95% About time :-)


Notes: So things are really starting to look up and I am getting back on track, I have increased my cardio and will be doing again this week, also I have an extra low carbohydrates day from now on as well!

Good hemp Nutrition have really helped me out and their products are just amazing, along with my personal trainer Dave Bohr telling me what I should be doing, I should stay on track!


Picture: ———————————————————————————>

Hopefully these pictures will start to show change soon with some results, I know the video we are working on will at the end ;-)


Day 42

Weight: 189.4lb (Gain I expected this this week, as I have changed the Hemp protein I was taking to one called Muscle Gainer Shake, This contains 10g of creatine per serving and I am having 3 servings a day, creatine holds water so I am holding more water weight, check out the BF% change below)

BF% (Body Fat): 18.39% Its going :-)

I have gone back over the BF% results in the past weeks and added the points in, as it shows you what’s going on better.




Lots of hard work last week and going to be even more this week, lots of cardio 6 days of the week and still weight training 5 days of the week, I think my weight might even gain weight again by the end of this week do to the creatine, but as long as my body fat is going down I dont care, at the moment I am working hard to try and get that last 8.39% of bodyfat off in the next 48 days, I have to do it!

Day 49

Weight: 186.6lb (loss I expected a gain this week with the change of the Hemp protein I was taking, to one called Muscle Gainer Shake, with the increase in creatine, but looks like the increase in hard work is paying off check the BF% drop below)

BF% (Body Fat): 17.83% Down again :-)
Notes: Not going to lie I wish I was dropping the bodyfat of faster, as I am worried that I am not going to achieve the lower bodyfat percentage I am after by the end of the 90 days, as you can see by the amount of days I have been at it, we are just over the half way mark, looking at it if things keep going the way they have been going I will be loosing half a percent each week, so that will be about another 3% in bodyfat and that’s getting me to just over 15% bodyfat, this isn’t bad, but I am one for wanting more! so I need to up the game some how.

On a good note, people that haven’t seen me for around 2 weeks have been saying “wow how much weight have you lost” and this is allways a motivation :-D this helps allot!


Day 56

Weight: 185.6lb (loss I expected more, but have now come to realise that weight really doesn’t matter its the bodyfat I want to see a difference with, now with that said look below:

BF% (Body Fat): 17.83% Stayed the same, gutted as I worked even harder this week, but I did loose some size on the waste even though the percentage stayed the same as the week before


Notes: I am not going to let the above bother me, even if it happens again, I just making sure my diet is in check and nothing is out of place, and keep on going if I loose another 1% bodyfat over the next 5 weeks its still better than gaining it, and in time I will get there, I will NOT stop.

I am also having problems with my shins, they are giving me allot of pain, even if I say run just to the car if its raining, I get bad pains in my shins once I stop, this happened when I started doing some of my cardio running in my local park, and not stopped since, the only thing I can think of is that I have been running with bad form and not in the correct footwear, so all my cardio has to be done now with no running, so lots of using the stepper and other things like doing burpees etc. these dont seem to affect my shins as bad, this is a bit annoying as I like to run! someone upstairs must hate me!

Below is an image of a Turkey on wholemeal bread I have sometimes within my diet, I love that meal so yummy, I must say I do love clean foods now lol

Day 63

Weight: 183.8lb (loss) not a bad loss

BF% (Body Fat): 16.70% WOW now not sure what happened but if this is a correct reading then this is great, and would be a big drop in bodyfat, but with that being said I am very skeptical about it being correct, so next week will say if it is or not.


Notes: I really hope it is true I do feel allot leaner around the chest and that’s where the fat seems to be dropping, I have yet to loose any from my stomach section, I hope it starts there soon lol





Day 70

Weight: 181.8lb (loss) 2lb weight loss

BF% (Body Fat): 16.13% gone down again, So last week I said I was 16.07%, I got it wrong I was meant to be 16.70% lol I got the 7 wrong, I thought it was a big drop, so I edited the last weeks one, I was a little shocked as it looked like I gained fat when I did the results so I went back over last weeks results and seen it was meant to be 70 and not 7.


Notes: So far looking at the stats and all the results it looks like I am managing to keep most of the muscle I earned, so hopefully it will keep going well in the next 20 days! also I have dropped some good size on my waist :-)


Look to your right

Check out the collection of some of the proteins I use, along with Hemp oil and even flavoured Hemp seed, great products and well worth trying out, I am hooked on them and use daily, these are all 100% natural




Day 77

Weight: 179.8lb (loss) Down Down Down go the lbs lol

BF% (Body Fat): 15.55% Boom more fat gone and I feel great.



Notes: So I feel great and feel I am doing good, I also feel I have gotten stronger on some of my lifts so this is great, 2 more weeks left, so lets see how well I do :-)





Day 84

Weight: 177.4lb (loss) great stuff

BF% (Body Fat): 14.97% Another good week!



Notes: I felt even better this week, even stronger and feeling good :-) body fat is below 15% so that’s good also!




Day 90

So we are finally done with this 90 day challenge, and here is the change in stats below:

Weight: 197lb

BF% (Body Fat): 19.90%

Wrist = 6.5″
Forearm = 12″
Biceps = 15.25″
Shoulders = 50″
Chest = 40.75″
Waist = 38″
Hips = 36.5″
Bum = 40.75″
Thigh = 25.5″
Calves = 15″
Neck = 16″

Weight: 176.2lb (Down 20.8lb)

BF% (Body Fat):13.80% (Down 6.1%)

Wrist = 6.5″ (Same)
Forearm = 11.75″ (Down 0.25″)
Biceps = 15.25″ (Same Dropped Half inch UN-flexed)
Shoulders = 49″ (Down 1.0″)
Chest = 40″ (Down 0.75″)
Waist = 33.75″ (Down 4.25″)
Hips = 33.75″ (Down 2.75″)
Bum = 38.25″ (Down 2.5″)
Thigh = 23.5″ (Down 2″)
Calves = 14.75″ (Down 0.25″)
Neck = 15.5″ (Down 0.50″)

Here is all that in graphs:

Before and After:



A Big thank you to:

So what now?

Now I am starting a new 90 day challenge but this is what ever comes first, this time I want to get ripped and cant see why I cant do it,

Q: So when does it start? A: now here is the page = Get Ripped

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